I was recently speaking at a survival expo on “the realities of a bug-out scenario”.

One of the key points I always make in my talks is how “targeted” the self-reliant are these days.

I mean, haven't you noticed the news stories branding those of us who prepare as “doomsday preppers” – crazies who horde guns and pray for the end of society?

Of course nothing could be further from the truth, but the fact is, times have changed.

Nowadays, you have to be smarter – unlike this guy I took a photo of at the convention – and it's a cold hard lesson in…

Everyday Carry Survival Gear – Going “Covert”!

Covert Everyday Carry Gear

 Now, I don't mean to make this embarrassing or personal.

It's not.

In fact, the guy in this photo could be a great guy for all I know and he could know a hell of a lot more than ME about how to survive after a disaster.

I mean, just by looking at him, I notice his “ops” pantsmonkey fist 550-cord weapontactical folder knifemini “go bag” to hold his everyday carryparacord braceletcamo tactical wallet… 

And what you can't see in the picture is also his “ops” ball cap with tactical patch… military buzz-cut… the dog tag chain around his neck… (shall I go on?)

So just by a quick scan, my guess is that… 

… his home, vehicle, and bug-out bag are all jam-packed with survival gear… 
… he has loads of food stocked away… 
… he's super proud of his personal arsenal of handguns and rifles…
… and he's loaded to the brim with tons of ammo (his shirt says something about Jesus letting him die on a mountain of expended brass) 

And that's my point.

Dressing Like A “Doomsday Prepper” Will Make You A Target!

Think about it… if you were facing a crisis where your family was threatened and you DIDN'T have the gear, guns and ammo to survive, who do you think you're going to target first?

This guy is like winning the lottery for one of the human “wolves” seeking out victims to loot after a disaster.

Look, the “true” survivalist is someone that 99% of people would never even see or pick out of a crowd as being “prepared”.

He (or she) is subtle… secret… covert!

You don't need to show off to everyone else around you that you're a bigger, badass than they are or even that you're “one of them” at a convention.

The real survivalists you want to network with will be able to spot you because they know what to look for.

They don't need to take your stuff because they're already prepared themselves and they're actually looking for other NON-poser preppers to join their inner-circle network.

Going “covert” with all 7 layers of your survival gear plan is a skill YOU must develop as well!

It's what will truly separate you from the other “fake” survivalists out there who love to broadcast and brag about their preps.

Blend in… and survive!

What Other Ways Do YOU Stay Under The Radar With Your Survival Gear?

Please Share Your “Covert Tips” Below Now…