Survival it's always just about rubbing two sticks together or building a shelter out of pine needles and duct tape.

Imagine this scenario…

Your home has just been devastated by a tornado, hurricane, explosion, or even a house fire…

…you and your family are buried under boards or trapped in a room

…helpless, you pray for someone to come find you and those you love before you die.

In the Moore, OK tornado tragedy, this was a very real scenario for one little guy, and…

What This Grandma Pulls Out Of  The Rubble At 1:35
Will Break Your Heart (And Teach You A Valuable
Survival Lesson!)

In a disaster, emergency services are going to be strained at best… nonexistent at worst.

If people are trapped in the rubble, finding them alive is going to be the first responders' biggest priority.

That means that YOUR goal if you were trapped and praying for help is to make sure that emergency crews find you and your family FIRST!

This is why we say that your survival will hinge on what you've got in your pockets – what we refer to as “everyday carry survival gear” or EDC.

EDC – Your Everyday Carry Survival Gear

What you carry, day to day, may be the ONLY supplies you have when a disaster strikes.

For example, most people don't think to carry a signaling device like a whistle on them, right?

But if you were trapped under the rubble during a disaster – or if your child was lost in the wilderness waiting for rescue – having a loud signaling whistle could rise above the loud noise and chaos to help search teams zero in on your location.

That's right… something as simple as a small whistle that fits in your pocket could literally save your life in an instant disaster.

I personally carry 27 everyday carry survival gadgets on me pretty much all the time but you'd never know I have them because of how I hide them (and yet still stay comfortable).

In fact, the signaling device I use is even better than a whistle (but a whistle will do).

What's Your #1 Most Favorite EDC Survival
Gear Gizmo You Carry Every Day?

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