Wilderness Survival Fire-Starting Tips
Could you start a fire under the WORST weather conditions?

Any schmoe can build a fire with some logs, a gallon of gasoline and a match…

And any boy scout can build a fire with fewer tools… and a clear sky (or even a light sprinkle)…

But what about when Mother Nature says, “F – YOU!” and doing everything she can to destroy your chances of turning that spark into a roaring bonfire with pouring rain and frigid temperatures?

Now THAT takes some serious wilderness survival skills, wouldn't you say?

Fortunately, for this week's podcast episode, I challenged survival author and expert, Kevin Estella, to give us his best fire-starting hacks for “impossible” scenarios.

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The biggest mistakes most people make when trying to start a fire that will DESTROY your chances of ever getting a flame!
  • Your personal “survival fire kit”: The exact gear to pack for a no-fail fire-starting tool pack!
  • Teepee style? Log cabin style? What's the best “stick structure” for starting a roaring fire FAST?
  • Beating impossible odds: Getting a flame when Mother Nature's actively trying to ruin your day with a pouring rainstorm!
  • How to build a “covert fire” to avoid attracting unwanted guests to your location.

To truly survive in the woods, the ability to build a fire isn't an “option” – it's a necessary skill that could mean life-or-death.

The tips, tricks, and tactics covered in this week's interview will almost instantly turn you into a fire-starting badass in even the WORST conditions!

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast:

What OTHER Survival Fire-Starting Tips Do You Like For Extreme Conditions?

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