What if the #1 source of your very survival – your water supply – is actually slowly KILLING you?


What if your local and national government KNOW about it… and do nothing?

This story is playing out all over the country right now – right under our noses – and I promise you'll see more of this in 2016… perhaps even in your town.

In fact, 42 states have a contaminated water supply unknown to the residents drinking it… and one city in America found out the hard way how little you can count on your government officials for basic protection when they found out that…

The Government POISONED The Water System Of The Entire City…


In a nutshell, the city of Flint, MI (under the approval and oversight of the Governor and state environmental agencies) decided to switch their source for drinking water to their local river in order to save about $7 million a year while another water line was being built for 2016.

With the flip of a switch (literally), the entire city had new water coming out of their faucets – water loaded with lead leaching in from the pipes this new, untreated river water was eating away at.

“Even at low levels, lead may cause a range of health effects, including behavioral problems and learning disabilities,” EPA's website says. “Children 6 years old and under are most at risk because this is when the brain is developing.”

And Flint isn't the only city dealing with this problem…

For 6 years, the U.S. Centers For Disease Control (federal agency) misled the public about the risk of lead in the Washington, D.C., area's drinking water.

And YOUR town may not be safe either…

Do You Know Where YOUR Water Comes From?


According to a recent study, 42 U.S. states are experiencing water contamination, such as from lead, other heavy metals, chemicals, prescription drugs, or even “purposely” poisoned with flouride.

The bottom line is – unless you're on your own rainwater drinking system like I am, you don't know what's coming through your faucet.

Even if you have your own water well, more and more studies are revealing toxic heavy metals are sinking into our aquafers and ground water.

I take water super seriously (which is why I built a 52,000 gal. rainwater system).

Most people don't have that option so here's what I suggest you do instead…

1.  Educate yourself on your local water supply.

If you're on “city water”, attend a City Council meeting and use Flint, MI as a case study to ask your own local government what protections are in place for your own water.

That's not a looney question and they should have a simple and complete answer.

2.  Test your water annually.

If you have your own well, you should have your water quality tested (at the tap) annually to detect levels of toxic metals that may start to enter your drinking water.

There could very well be a “backdoor” to your well that's fast-tracking contaminated water into your source from things like farm runoff… road runoff… and other contamination sources.

3.  Only drink PURE water!

No matter where your water comes from, it's always best to put it through a high-end filtration system.

A lot of people buy bottled water thinking it's better.

It's NOT!

It's actually the most expensive option (Flint residents are now spending up to $300 a month) and frankly, most bottled water is nothing more than a big scam with tap water sold back to you in bottles.

You can install a water filter system in your home, but that's pretty expensive and the truth is, you can get just as good purity from the right kind of water pitcher.

I like this water pitcher best because it's the only one that also filters out flouride (controversial topic, but I avoid flouride like the plague!)

I suggest you filter ALL of your water – including what you cook with – just to be safe.

Nothing is more important than your health – and if you can't trust your water, you're putting your very life in jeopardy.

Have You Ever Discovered Something Wrong With Your Water?

Share Your Findings Below Now And Your Tips On How To Protect This Valuable Survival Resource…