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If you believe the societal fabric of the United States has never been stronger, that the economy is in great shape, and that the world is a friendly and all-inclusive place, then you should continue on your life journey, investing neither your time nor your resources in Warrior Life.

If you believe that we live in increasingly dangerous times, and that you must establish and maintain the strength, skills, and strategies to be able to take fast, decisive actions when being mentally and physically prepared truly matters, then being an all-access member of Warrior Life represents a “game-changing” value for you. You don’t have to be anywhere near a Navy SEAL or Spec Ops Operator to fit an inclusive list Warrior Life definition of an action-taking “Warrior”.

There’s simply nowhere else that you can go to instantly be able to put your finger on tested and proven content that meets basic survival needs that are completely unique to you. Jeff Anderson has spent 35 years plus of his lifetime building proven content and contacts that can very literally save your life. It’s all backed with a no B.S. – iron clad assurance that you can get all your money back if your 30-day inspection results don’t exceed your expectations.

Hope is not a strategy. By itself, it will leave you begging in the streets (or worse), and there’s nobody in the Government or private sector ready, willing, or able to come save you tomorrow because you didn’t do something you coulda’- shoulda’ – woulda’ gotten done today.

By the way, no single individual or family has everything possibly needed to have any reasonable assurance of long-term survival in times of real-world stress/chaos. The only answer is being part of a functional community where everyone has something to contribute. Join this one today and continue building towards your personalized/ultimate objectives and goals. Start building your own relationships with folks of similar mind-set and motivation to succeed – who knows the ultimate benefits you stand to personally gain? Only you know just how much you have to lose!

DavidW – Tennessee