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2020 was a rude awakening for me from a dream where I thought for the most part life in the good old USA was quiet, tranquil, and nothing to really worry about. Yes, bad things happen but only to those who went to parts of town where you shouldn't be. I knew our government wasn't perfect but I had faith in our institutions to do the right thing. Well, not anymore. Although I am lucky that I live in Florida with a governor that kept us shielded from a lot of the things that other states did during the pandemic, I realized that I was ill-prepared to face a natural catastrophe or a man-made one. Enter Warrior Life Academy. All the knowledge, and training that I could ever need in an environment that allows me to digest it at my own pace, and for a small monthly cost that is far less than the value I get from it. I feel now better prepared to protect myself and my family.

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