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I prefer a somewhat modified version for staging a knife using a magnet. I keep the knife in the sheath. Leaving the blade in the sheath protects people and objects from being exposed to the sharp edge. If you add a small clip or loop to the tip of the sheath, and a cup hook or screw eye on the wall near the magnet, you can attach the sheath to the wall and it will stay there when drawing the knife from the sheath. One note, I don’t use any snap loops or other retention mechanisms that are part of the sheath to hold the knife in it while it’s hanging. The magnet is adequate.

Beyond safety, an added benefit to keeping the knife in the sheath is in a situation where you had to leave the location (mob attack, fire, etc.) and wanted to take the knife with you. The sheath is right there to use. Just unhook it from the wall.

Additionally, gun magnets usually have some sort of rubber cover to prevent scratches
to the gun’s (or knife’s) surface. Leaving the blade in the sheath
prevents these scratches, so instead of using relatively expensive gun magnets, you can use regular, cheap, but strong, rare earth magnets. The magnets I use for hanging knives or magazines are about one tenth the price of a gun magnet. To keep from scratching the magazines, I just cover the magnet with one layer of masking or gaffers tape.

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