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I've been into self defense and survival my whole life but once I joined the Warrior Life Academy, I learned how much there was that I didn't know. The structure and organization of the material makes it easy to quickly gain knowledge on many subjects related to self defense, survival, and various weapons. Jeff Anderson has a ton of knowledge based on personal experience, and for everything else he brings in experts so you can be assured you're getting the best information out there.

There are over a hundred audio and e-books in the Product Vault, along with over twenty courses.

I love the Fast Classes; they are short and sweet with a lot of material packed into a half hour.

The monthly Warrior Workshops focus on a certain topic then encourage students to take action and train as discussed, in hopes of winning a cool prize from that month's Mini Mission. I just won a SIRT laser training pistol!

There is also opportunity to talk directly with Jeff during One-on-One Coaching.

I would recommend the Warrior Life Academy to anyone who is a family protector, such as myself. Also to anyone into prepping, shooting, or home/self defense.