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True Faraday Cages shield sensitive electronics against Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) energy radiation. That said, you can easily bust the myth that a microwave oven will protect your electronics by putting your cell phone in your test oven and calling your number from another phone. When it rings, you’ve busted the myth! Reason being that while the oven shields against microwave frequencies, it doesn’t shield against all frequencies. In the case of a theoretical nuclear detonation above the U.S., the energy released would be across all frequencies, rendering your microwave oven protection practically useless. There are no absolutes. Some devices will be more sensitive to EMP damages than others. Collectively, we are likely most susceptible to EMPs though an already old and outdated electrical grid in the U.S. EMPs released as part of our Sun’s natural life cycle have a very real potential to severely damage our entire electrical service network.

Practical EMP protection is one of those “Fast, Easy, Cheap – pick any two!” situations. If you’re serious about getting real protection, I’d suggest you check out the YouTube channel for EMPDOCTOR He’s got the knowledge and equipment to cut through the B.S. and help guide you to real-world knowledge that can not only save you money, but potentially save your life in a large scale EMP event.