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Survival Planning


Forgot to mention it, but I do keep encrypted USB thumb-drive with electronic copies of all my important personal documents and information I’d find helpful in any forced evacuation or extended absence away from my home in an O-ring sealed – screw top, completely metal “EDC tube” that’s advertised for keeping pills, matches, etc. The tube is approximately five (5) inches long, with an internal diameter that fits a U.S. Quarter dollar. I’ve custom sized a toilet paper tube to ensure that cardboard completely lines the interior chamber such that my USB drive never touches any metal surface when inside this protective “mini-vault”. I have a duplicated back-up arrangement in by XBOB and a master that resides beside my home computer. The USBs live in their mini-vaults when not in actual use. This arrangement affords protection not only from EMPs, but from many other potential hazards posed by water, dirt, moderate heat, etc. – its’ low-key “pill keeper” appearance also makes it a less attractive target to thieves. In my experience and opinion, having personal financial, medical, contact info ready to immediately bug out with access realistically available despite an extended absence from your home, is one of the most-often overlooked and poorly addressed survival essentials.