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Thanks for the input David! To clarify we were using a cheap crossman BB rifle. We started out standing but when I saw he was having difficulties we went to a prone position with the rifle on a bag. That didn’t help so I started lining up and holding the rifle for him while he looked down the sights and pulled the trigger. He was still having issues seeing the sight and the target this way but was very excited when he started hitting the target:)

I like your idea of drawing an image of the sight picture for him. I explained that to him and he explained it properly back to me but he was likely still having issues with that. I also have a laser bore sighter and will try putting that in the barrel next time so we can better see where he is pointing.

I’m mostly not certain how to best deal with his left eye/right hand dominance. It is probably easiest to work on changing the hand he likes to use but might be better in the long run for him to shoot right handed and work on the eye dominance now while he is young and malleable?? Either way we are keeping it fun, positive and stress free.