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Greetings everyone. First I want to say that I travel a lot every Friday and Sunday. Anywhere from 4 up to 6 hours to either get the job site for work on Sunday or to get home Friday night after my 10 hour shift. So needless to say I have several hours to listen to the podcast on apple podcasts. With that being said, I love the podcasts Jeff even though I don’t always agree with you but just finished listening to episode 205 on the AR-15 and I have to say I agree with every point you made. I have been saying for years that new gun owners who have never owned a gun should have firearms and safety training. I’m in Ohio working in Ohio and PA. Trying to get a group together in NE Ohio to prep and train together. And for the record I started listening in October of 2021 and went from the most recent episode and I’m now on episode 203 MCS 181 and counting and I will never stop unless you do Jeff. I love that you don’t claim to know everything and you go off your experiences or bring in specialists for different things discussed.