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Just saw the mini mission, looking forward to going through the exorcises!

I wonder what you think the odds are of a neighborhood and/or town coming together after a crises like in the book 1 Second After? I live in a rural neighborhood of 1 acre lots in a very small rural town surrounded by forest. Lots of independent self sufficient folks here. Lots of hunters and some former military and LEO folks. Have several nurses in my neighborhood as well. I have danced around the subject with several neighbors without revealing my levels of preparedness and know there are more than a few folks at least as prepared for emergencies as I am. If the majority of folks pulled together I think we would be in better shape than most. But trying to organize that before an event would be a risky and incredibly daunting task. Think we would need to get a few key folks lined up before an event and have them encourage the herd to move in a cooperative direction after something started.