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I had a total body reset back in November with a widow maker heart attack. Took 25 minutes of CPR to bring me back to life. They put a stent in the blocked artery and aside from that one blockage and resulting dead heart muscle the rest of the heart is fortunately in great shape. But I had a lot of complications from the long CPR that led to blood clots in my legs, gallbladder attack, gout, a pulmonary embolism, etc. 17 days total in the hospital loosing 26 pounds stuck in the horrible bed and not being able to eat for a couple of multi day periods. Much of the weight loss was muscle unfortunately. Had another few weeks at home barely being able to get out of bed and to the bathroom using a walker. A preview of life in my nineties which I hope to not experience again for another 4 decades!

I wasn’t in my best shape before the heart attack but was physically more capable than your typical American since I had to do a lot of off trail hiking for work keeping up with people half my age. It’s been a long few months starting from scratch with legs and arms that looked like twigs. Been able to do a few 5 to 6 mile hikes this past month without much effort but still have a long way to go just to get back to where I was. So I’m interested in checking this program out and maybe mixing it in with the Krav Maga training I recently started as part of my continuing rehab.