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Survival Planning


EMP energy can penetrate even small gaps (use the equivalent mental image of water flowing). So gaps will need to be covered/plugged, and redundant multi-layered protection will be an important consideration (i.e. sealed boxes within sealed boxes). Andrew also mentioned in the discussion that multiple attack waves are a reasonable expectation, so your use protocols are an equally important consideration (back to survival basics mantra of “two is one and one is none”. You can’t assume it’s a one event, then you’re good to haul out all your gear. Best advice is likely to have a least 2 sets of needed equipment, holding one in unopened reserve.

Even with HAM radio, unless you’re sure who you’re talking to, any communications you’d hear after a major event would sound suspiciously like “Everthing is FINE, no need to WORRY – STAY IN YOUR HOME – HELP is on the way!” A very good reason to building and maintaining HAM radio contacts not only in your local community but around the country. Thankfully, the current Administration has (just in the nick of time) seen fit to start charging for all the required FCC license testing where it used to be free.

Regarding wandering people, don’t forget that you’ll need blackout curtains if your home manages to remain even semi-powered (via generator, batteries/solar, inverters). Imagine how any cooked food would smell if you hadn’t eaten in days or weeks (that’s still true even with smoke from wood fires). Given all the issues, unofficial Govt projected 90% U.S. death rate within the first year may be overly conservative!