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I started Okinawan Sanchin Ryu karate when I was 7. It is a very practical self defense system and is 90% of what I use for hand-to-hand. I earned my black belt when I was 16 and after a while, I took Shotokan classes for around 6 months, which I found to be a great addition to my tool bag. I learned the high kicks that Sanchin Ryu didn’t use and it was much more intense and aggressive. When I went to college, the only martial art nearby was Taekwondo, which I tried for a bit but didn’t care for that much. Then I turned 21, got into pistol shooting, took several defensive pistol and tactical carbine classes as well as joining an IDPA league and I took a position as range safety officer at my college shooting range for 2-1/2 years. I was even the President of the Bullseye Pistol Club for the last 2 years (and Vice President of the Practical Pistol Club for the last year). I kind of fell dormant for a while after college but now I’m pushing 40 and have 2 little boys and a tiny wife that I’m responsible for protecting, so I was very excited when I found Warrior Life and and got back into what has been a (interrupted) life-long journey, now getting expert training on knife throwing, combat machete, and of course firearms, to name a few things. To sum it up, I carry an automatic-opening combat folder and tactical pen as part of my EDC but have my martial arts training as a go-to and rely on my guns only for home defense, as carrying aggravates an old back injury.