Survival Podcast - Friday Reload

Jeff gets a smackdown from a blog reader and ends it with an unapologetically capitalist rant.


Plus, more horribly witty commentary on this week's blog posts from Buck & Jeff

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Here's a quick peek at what we cover…

  • Weighing in on the “sucker punch” and the only way to defend yourself from a no-warning haymaker!
  • Why the military industrial complex couldn't give a rat's patooty about our school kids in the sights of an active shooter!
  • How to blow up cinder block walls (and other clues you may have too much firepower in your hands)!
  • Watch out! ┬áThere are zombies in your grocery store!
  • Plus… why all these police shootings could screw you in court!

The gloves come off every Friday as we recap the week and tell you what we REALLY think about the latest news!