It was 4:40 am when John Faust, a 78-year old grandfather, stopped to gas up his truck at the local station before heading off to work.

Not too many people are even awake at that “working man's” time of the morning… so John was taken aback when he was approached by a man in a black hoodie.

That was red flag #1 – the second one was about to take advantage of his back being turned and wasn't taking any chances with not accomplishing what they came there for.

This 78 Y.O. Grandfather Looked Like An Easy Target.
Can You See Why In This Video?

John, a Marine Corps vet, made a lot of mistakes and paid a heavy price for not taking the right precautions.

But hey… it can happen to anyone, right?

Fortunately for this next “victim”…

Gas Pump Beggar Gets “$19.11” Worth Of Armed Response…

It was a hot summer day when RT stopped for gas on his way home from work in Nashville, Tenn.

As he was pumping gas, a man peddled from across the street, obviously drunk as he wobbled his way toward the gas pumps.

As the man nearly fell off his bike, RT asked him if he was ok.

He just sort of looked up as he caught his balance and replied, “Yeah, do you have any money you could give me?”

Now, RT usually only carried a debit card with him, but wanting to help the man out, he answered, “I have a ton of change in my cup holder.” “That will work.” the man said.

Thinking the man to be harmless and simply “in need”, RT sat down in his car and began digging change out of the cup holder – pennies… nickels… dimes… a few quarters.

When he looked up to hand it to the man, he realized that the beggar was right at his car door.

Holding out the change, RT said, “Sorry man, this is all I have.”

Apparently that wasn't good enough…

The man eyed the handful of change and said in a menacing voice “What, that’s it? I can’t buy anything with that. There’s an ATM in that store, why don’t you go in there and get me some money?”

Realizing that their short relationship was taking a turn for the worse, RT looked at him and said, “This is all I have and I’m not going inside to get you any money. Take it or leave it.”

As RT still sat in his driver's seat, he shifted his free hand to his 1911, which was tucked between the driver’s seat and the center console of the car, where the beggar couldn't see it.

Suddenly the man's face turned hostile and he reached inside his jacket, saying, “Look boy, you’re gonna …”

Before he could finish his sentence, RT had his pistol out and pointed at his chest, telling him to, “… back up real slow and get away from me!”

Shocked, the man jumped back and quickly got on his bike and peddled away, all the while, RT keeping his eyes on him until he was a few hundred yards away.

Holstering his weapon with trembling hands from the adrenaline surging through his veins, he went into the store to alert the cashier and the police.

Any Conflict You Walk Away From Alive Can Be A “Success”.
But What Could John And RT Have Done Differently To Better Protect Themselves?

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