It was almost 2 am – “last call” at the bar and time for me and my buddies to do our typical end-of-night assessment of whether there were any women left to hit on in a last-ditch effort to avoid going home alone (again!).

But in a military-town just outside of Ft. Drum, NY, where you stick 10,000 GI's in an area with about 37 farm girls, pickings were always pretty slim (even if the girls weren't).

And in a military bar, if you're not ending the evening with a date, chances are there are more than a few frustrated soldiers looking to blow off some steam by picking a fight.

This night was one of those nights…

My buddy, John, was a pretty hefty dude, but nothing compared to the stocky grunt who purposefully bumped into him to tell him to “watch where you're going!” while his friends snickered at what was about to happen.

What the big oaf didn't know was that my buddy wasn't your typical barroom brawler.

He wasn't into “shoving” or wildly swinging away in a hail Mary haymaker like most guys.

He was a “smart fighter”.

Never one to back down and not looking to test the odds of overpowering the giant thug in front of him, John instantly reached out and grabbed the guy by the back of the neck and head-butted him.

The mutant fell like a rag doll, right to the floor.

One shot. Lights out.

His friends stopped laughing.

headbutt self defense move

Few people would ever consider pulling off a “head butt” as a self defense move (which is probably why it took the bully by such surprise).

But make no mistake… no matter how “small” you may be, a solid headbutt is like slamming a cannonball into an attacker's face and you have a VERY good chance of being able to knock them out in one single blow.

Not many people know this.

To give you the low-down on exactly how YOU can pull this off, I asked for some step-by-step instructions from 2 friends of mine who just released an all-new Video Encyclopedia of Destruction To The Human Body.

This Violent Knowledge is some of the most thorough footage on destroying a bigger, stronger attacker that Iíve ever seen!

For example, let's break down how to pull off a brutal headbutt…

(Note: It's NOT as simple as it seems, and most folks do it wrong and can end up giving themselves a concussion!)

Here's how to do it:

  1. Tuck your chin as you headbutt, so that your neck is more protected and you are striking with the top ìcrownî of your head – otherwise you're using your forehead – which can knock YOU out!
  2. Firmly cup your hands behind your attackerís neck, making sure your arms are bent so you have full power!
  3. Jerk hard and fast as you pull your attackerís face INTO the headbutt, while you are headbutting forward full-force with the top of your head.
  4. Repeat multiple times (if you don't feel him instantly crumple), fast and hard, until the attacker is down.

Look, violent criminals, rapists and bullies ALREADY know how to cause Pain, Damage, and Death to their advantage.

They learned it on the street, in prison, and bar room brawls that you and I didn't have to experience.

Well, us “good guys” need this info too, because to save your life, you may need to know how to take a life.

This evens the odds and puts the power back in the YOUR hands, where it belongs.

Most people don't have time to train to be a Black Belt, but they need violent knowledge if they're ever attacked.

Of course you should ALWAYS try to avoid a fight if you can.

But what if you can't?!

What if you look into the eyes of some jacked-up, pissed-off construction worker in the grocery store parking lot after accidentally backing into his car and see – without a doubt – that he's not gonna let you get off so easy?

What if you and your spouse come out of the restaurant to your car and are cornered by a couple of thugs drinking beer on the hood of their car next to you?

Sometimes you don't have the option of backing away or talking someone down.

When that happens, you may have no choice but to fight for your life.

That means you damn well better know how to “attack” – quickly and brutally – to save your own life and protect the safety of that special person with you (like a spouse or your kid).