High Threat Mobile Operations

Whether you're a soldier on the battlefield… a security professional on detail… or a survivalist in a collapse environment, one of the most dangerous scenarios you will ever face is when you're in your vehicle and surrounded by hostiles.

Every mile you travel is a wide-open opportunity for an ambush or mob attack.

My buddy, Nate Seabrook, knows this as a fact…

Traveling solo on a security detail in an undisclosed African hot-zone, his vehicle was stopped and attacked by a mob of 30-40 violent citizens intent on dragging him out of his vehicle to meet his fate.

In this week's podcast episode, you'll hear his hair-raising story – how he survived – and his best “after action review” tactics to add to your own high-threat mobile survival planning!

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Here's what you'll discover in this episode…

  • Little-known “mobile survival gear” you can pack in your vehicle that will help you survive a mob ambush!
  • One modification to make to your vehicle's driver and passenger seat to make sure all your equipment is ready for “instant action”!
  • How one single “weapon” can be used to escape an entire crowd of violent attackers (and get this… it's legal in all states without a license!) 
  • Nathan's favorite “backup weapon”! (Hint: It's mine too!)
  • What to do when your vehicle is stopped by a mob and they're breaking your windows to drag you to your death!

This is the kind of life-or-death survival training that only a real-life attack can teach you.

Fortunately, Nate has already done the “testing” for you and is here with an answer key!

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 What Other Preparations Have YOU Made For High-Threat Mobile Operations? 

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