Tom French felt something “wasn't quite right”…

He and his girlfriend, Colleen, were about to sit down for dinner when a man, dressed in a suit, knocked on their door.

When Tom answered the door, the man asked him for a job.

Actually, it wasn't that unusual because Tom had his own contracting business and it was obvious from his truck parked in the driveway.

But the man couldn't tell Tom who had sent him so Tom tried to blow the guy off by closing the door to go back inside to write down a contact number for him.

When Tom opened the door back up to give it to him…

 that's when the man forced his way into the home with a pistol!

Detroit Home Invasion Story

“I tried to shut the door to push him back out and he forced his way in. At that point, he hit me with the pistol,” said Tom.

Tom actually had surveillance cameras set up in his home and the footage showed blood on the side of his face where he was hit with the gun.

Tom said, “He kept pointing <the gun> in my stomach and I thought at any moment it would go off.”

As they struggled, Colleen stepped in.

She hit the intruder with a heavy glass jar filled with pasta, but the attacker just flung her across the room.

She later said, “I felt like we were going to fight and that was it. Either we could lay there and die or fight and go out trying.”

Colleen returned to the battle and managed to wrestle the gun from the assailant's hands.

“I just grabbed it and wouldn't let it go until he let it go,” she said.

Tom eventually reached into a box by the front door and grabbed a large pair of garden shears.

He whacked the intruder over the head with the shears before dragging him outside.

The home invader finally ran off in his pickup truck. (He's still on the loose.)

“I am going to get justice,” said Tom.

Frankly, I hope he does… but more than anything, Tom should count his blessings and learn from his mistakes…

You see, most people lock up their home at night… turn on the alarm system… and make sure their gun is close enough by that if there's a “bump in the night”, they can get to a weapon to defend themselves.

(Many don't even have a weapon of course.)

It's A Common Myth That Most Home Invasions Happen At Night

They don't!

Home invaders are a different kind of criminal and many attack during the day – while you're at home – because they want more than just your t.v.

It could be rape… murder… torture… or all 3.

And their #1 way of gaining access to victimize your family?

The front door!

All it takes is a slick story to get you to let your guard down…

“Sir, I just hit this dog and I'm wondering if you know whose it is.”

“Ma'am, I found this little girl wandering around and I'm trying to find out where she lives.”

“I'm smelling a gas leak or something outside your home. Is everything ok in there?”

These are just a few of the super simple ways a violent home invader can fool 99% of homeowners into opening up your front door.

Then suddenly they're doing the 40-yard dash down your throat while your wife and kids are screaming in terror.

Here's One Of The And Cheapest And Best Home Defense “Weapons” To Stop A Home Invader In His Tracks…

You're going to laugh at this, but…

One of the simplest and best home defense weapons against a home invader barging through your door is a simple “door stop alarm“.

In fact, not only do I have one of these at home, but I bring one with me wherever I travel.

Basically it's a wedge-shaped door-stopper that also has a super-loud alarm built into it.

I personally have one a door stop alarm strategically placed near each of our doors so, for example, if someone you don't know comes to your door, you just place it about 8-12 inches behind where the door would swing in before opening it up.

Then you can crack the door enough to talk (and not seem like the paranoid neighborhood wack-job who won't open the door).

But if an intruder tried to take advantage of the cracked door and push his way in, he'd find himself easily stopped by the rubberized wedge and unable to get it to budge.

That way you don't have to rely on brute strength to try to keep him out.

He can push and shove all he wants – he's NOT getting in!

And this gives you all the reaction time you need to call 911… get to a safe-room… and/or draw a weapon to defend yourself.

Plus, the high-decibel alarm will have him running like the wind before he's spotted by curious neighbors.

The best quality (and value) door-stop alarms come from SF's website here…

Without this little gizmo, you could find yourself flat on the floor, bleeding or unconscious, and your whole family at the mercy of some sadistic thug.

I write about these things a lot in my books and articles and it's even more effective than an alarm system in many ways.

I highly recommend you pick up as many of these as you need to put them by your doors for instant back-up.

If you travel at all, you should grab one for a hotel room also.

Sometimes it's the little things that can be the biggest life-savers, you know?

Oh, And If You Think You'd NEVER Fall For This Home Invader's Trick Like Tom Did?

Well, keep in mind that he was so “aware” of a criminal attack that he even had video cameras positioned inside his home!

Yet with all that security, it's easy to let your guard down and all it takes is just one simple mistake or distraction.

That's why you need to have back-up plans, don't you agree?

I carry my weapon on me even in my home… lock my doors even during the day… and have gizmos like door-stop alarms strategically positioned in the right places.

It's called being “prepared”.

What Other Steps Have You Taken To Prevent A Home Invasion?

Please Share Your Best Home Defense Tips Below Now…