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Jeff Anderson, Editor

You never know what sort of enemies you could face in a survival situation.

Looters, gangs, and even desperate citizens caught up in the chaos are all a  VERY REAL possibility.

You probably think your trusty sidearm or your AR15 will save you.

But your guns can't protect you if they break, jam, are confiscated, or run out of ammo.

I talked to survival expert Kevin Reeve recently to get his tips for improvising survival weapons, and here is a run-down of what he had to tell me.

Improvised Survival Weapons:
How To Prep For When The Guns Are Gone!

Improvised Survival Weapons: How To Protect Yourself When The Guns Are All Gone
Improvised Survival Weapons: How To Prep For When The Guns Are All Gone
Kevin Reeve

A truly skilled, prepared citizen is a modern-day MacGyver.

He can scavenge weapons from the urban terrain.

He can also MAKE his own weapons if he needs to.

You don't have to do it the hard way, however.

Certain things around you, and stuff you can carry in your bug out bag, can be used as “starter material” to make your own weaponry.

Here are three tips for improvising survival weapons in an emergency.

1. Your Multitool Is Essential

You should be carrying a modern multitool in your bug out bag.

There’s no way to emphasize enough how useful a tool can be when it has a knife, pliers, a saw, and any number of other items you may need.

There are other useful items you can put in your bug out bag, though, that can really help you craft and jerry-rig weapons in a pinch.

2. Carry Improvised Weapon Starter Materials

Among the other improvised weapons starter kit items you should include in your bugout bag are…

  1. Drill bits
  2. Baling wire
  3. Surgical tubing
  4. Paracord

All of these can be used as weapons and to make weapons, not to mention connectomg things together.

For example, if you can find some PVC tubing, you can use heat and paracord to fashion a very workable survival bow.


A survival bow can be purchased, of course, and added to your arsenal, but you don't need to do that.

You may not realize, but stretched tight enough, paracord can work as a powerful bowstring.

PVC tubing isn't the only thing you can use as the bow, either.

Anything with the right flexibility can be used.

Arrows are easy enough to make from branches, pieces of metal, or plastic rods, depending on what you find.

3. Your Local Hardware Store Can Help… Even AFTER The Looters Leave

The average hardware store has plenty of items you can use to improvise weapons.

This is true even AFTER the average hardware store has been looted for the obvious crisis materials (like sheets of plywood, obvious weapons like machetes and axes, and batteries).

Prisoners regularly craft all kinds of inventive weapons from what's available.

Your improvised weapons are limited only by your imagination.

Make sure you have the right starter materials on hand so you don’t have to begin an emergency behind the survival curve.

What Are Your Go-To Improvised Weapons?

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