C'mon, you gotta admit it…

The United States has a big “ego problem” when it comes to our own security, don't we?

Sure, we enjoy a lot of advantages, including a military and intelligence services that have been working hard since September 11, 2001, to keep us all safe.

But is our strength, power, and all around badass-ness causing us to be complacent about the security threats facing us as a nation?

Has Our Safety Streak Run Out And Are We Facing Terror Attacks On U.S. Soil?


The Syrian terrorist group (and wannabe Islamic state), ISIS, is attracting multi-national fighters from as far away as Mexico and thumbing its nose at the world community – taunting the United States by doing drive-by photo bombs of the White House and other potential domestic targets in a sort of “it's only a matter of time” message – and they command millions of dollars in oil money to finance their threats.

Look, disasters don't always come as a result of Mother Nature.

If you've read our free survival guide and the 5 signs of a coming collapse, you know that it doesn't take much to push society over into total chaos and trigger a chain reaction that changes life as you know it.

We all remember how the 9/11 attacks gouged our entire financial system through insurance hikes and a massive drop in consumer spending.

The Days Of Looking Over Our Shoulder
For “The Next Attack” Are NOT Over!

Terrorists are known for their patience and planning.

Typically, there is a 7-year planning period between major attacks.

Our focused anti-terror efforts since 2001 have forced the terrorists to be more cautious, but by any standard, we are overdue for a major attack.

All it will take is one ISIS operative shooting up a mall or a strategically placed bomb somewhere on Wall Street.

And these terrorists are TELLING us they want to attack us, using the Internet to do so.

I think we should believe them.

Part of being a true survivalist isn't only being ready when the weatherman says a storm is coming.

The true survivalist is prepared for the “instant disaster” – the tornado… the flash mob… the terrorist attack.

I'm not saying live your life afraid.

But the threat is real.

So is the need to prepare.

What Do YOU Think? Are We Entering A New Era Of Terror Threats?

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From Jeff The Editor: One more thing… You may not agree with this, but I'm a hardcore defender of our Constitution and believe in freedom for all people – and that means freedom of religion.

While the terror threat is built around Islamic extremists, I ask that in your comments you respect those of that faith that don't subscribe to this terrorist group's barbaric agenda. I've fought in combat right next to Islamic US soldiers who believed in defending our flag just as much as I did.

Thank you for your cooperation.