I'm sure you've heard of the “knockout game”, right?

Where some cowardly low-life tries to impress his friends by sucker punching someone (even elderly women have been ambushed!) to see if they can get a one-strike knockout.

As you can see, criminals don't think like you and me – they have no regard for human life and will pull any sneaky trick they can to victimize you without risking a real fight.

Make no mistake… a sucker punch “knockout game” ambush IS a life-or-death attack (some have already died).

That's why you need to train for the reality of this type of ambush with your firearm, so…

Here's A Tactical Firearm Dry-Fire Drill That
Could Save Your Life In An Ambush Attack!

What you'll discover are 3 important factors in how to master extreme close combat gunfighting.

Remember… most attacks you'll face aren't taking place at that common 15 yard distance┬ámost people are training for at the shooting range.

They happen right up close and in your face… and you'd better know how to respond if you ever hope to save your life.

What Other Training Tips Do You Have For Surviving An Ambush Attack?

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