Looter Defense Survival Plan

Of course we'd all like to think of our home as a “castle” that will protect us from the outside world… especially if faced with a gang of marauding looters during a disaster or collapse.

But just having 4 walls around you isn't enough to keep you and your family safe during civil unrest.

That's why I grabbed, Pat Henry, to drag him back on our show to reveal his best tips for planning NOW for the potential threat of looters in a time of social chaos.

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Pat really unleashed some amazing tips you're definitely going to want to take action on, including…

  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes nearly every homeowner makes when protecting against looters (and how to think like a “military officer” planning for battle)!
  • How to make your home less of a target for the bands of roaming anarchists seeking out their next victim household!
  • The secret to establishing an “early detection system” that alerts you to the presence of dangerous gangs in your area after a disaster.
  • Why you must plan for “fortress fortification” NOW… and the right way to stop invading forces in their tracks!
  • “Last stand” tactics: When danger has reached your door, here's how to unleash Holy Hell on your attackers!

I hope you NEVER have to use these strategies in real life.

But if you do, this “looter defense plan” could be the key to your family's survival when all hell breaks loose!

What Other “Looter Defense” Tips Do You Have?

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