Here's the Cold, hard truth Most Gun Owners Don't Understand About Our Legal System...

It's a common trap that law-abiding gun-owners fall prey to all the time – and it's critical you understand this right now…

…Our Legal System Is NOT About “Justice”!

It's about the LAW – plain and simple! That law is carried out by judges and juries – and juries make mistakes.

That means that you don't actually have to commit a crime to go to prison for that crime – and the worst part is…

…You Could Lose EVERYTHING You Own! 

If your actions in defending yourself put you in court, you'll pay $40,000 – $125,000 or more in legal fees with absolutely no guarantee of ever going free.

The financial impact could be devastating – and you could lose your job… your house… your friends… your entire life savings!

Even worse – you can be found “guilty” by a jury and find yourself behind bars… maybe for the rest of your life!

yes! You Can Go To Prison After A Self-Defense Shooting... EVEN If You're 100% Innocent!

Imagine eating, sleeping, and showering with the same violent predators you defended against in the first place – and sadly…

…All It Takes Is Just ONE Tiny Mistake! 

Prosecutors have all kinds of sneaky tricks up there sleeve to make it look like you were some “gun nut” who violated some poor thug's “rights” – and it could be as simple as…

…the kind of gun you protect yourself with…
…the type of ammunition you're loading…
…even how many times you shot your attacker!

You And I Both Know That Times Have Changed And The Odds Are Now Stacked AGAINST You! 

All across our nation, liberal “activist” judges and gun-hating politicians are out to make 2nd Amendment loving Americans like you the “bad guy” just for defending yourself from the REAL criminals on the street.

But there IS a way to fight back – and as weird as it may sound, your fate could hang on just 3 simple words… 

These 3 simple words could decide your fate in a courtroom And Prove Your Innocence To A Jury...

Yes, 3 words have that kind of power – to work for you or against you – and here they are…

The “Reasonable Man Doctrine”! 

You see, basically, a jury will judge your actions based upon one foundational question:

“What would a reasonable man/woman have done in your situation – knowing what YOU knew when you shot?”

Now, did you get that?  Your ONLY knowledge that matters is what you possessed when you were attacked – NOT after – and here's the “catch” that can hang you in court…

…You Have To PROVE To A Jury What You Knew At That EXACT Moment You Pulled The Trigger!

Those 12 jurors are NOT going to just “trust you”.

If you can't PROVE  the legal and tactical factors you knew when you defended yourself, it simply doesn't count!

But now there IS a way to show 100% PROOF to a jury… 

Introducing "Bulletproof Defense" Certification:

"Real-World Tactics" the lawyers won't tell you About how to defend yourself On the street...
and Prove Your Innocence in the courtroom!

The “Bulletproof Defense” Certification Course is an elite training program created by one of the nation’s top “legal self-defense” instructors to clearly show gun-owners like you EXACTLY what you need to know (tactically AND legally!) to defend yourself in a real attack – to save your life – AND stay out of prison!

And make no mistake…

…This Is NOT Your Average Old, Boring “Legal Class” That'll Put You To Sleep! 

No “lawyer speak”… no “suit and tie” lectures… no long, drawn out technical explanations of criminal codes, legal articles, blah, blah, blah…

Just short and sweet “plain talk” and video demonstrations of the realities of a violent attack that jurors will never know you went through… until you show them!

In fact, once you complete the “Bulletproof Defense” training and get your certificate, you'll have VIDEO EVIDENCE of your legal and tactical knowledge that will even turn a prosecuting attorney's words AGAINST him… and convinces a jury of your innocence!

Here's A Sneak Peek At What You'll Discover In The "Bulletproof Defense" Certification Course...

stress shooting

Shooting under stress!

Watch exclusive “force-on-force” pressure-test videos you can use as evidence in court to reveal the lies a jury will be told about guns and what it really takes to stop an attacker who invades your home or approaches you on the street!

police lights

What to REALLY say To the Police!

When police respond to a shooting, it's not as simple as saying “I was in fear for my life!” . Your words will be used against you in court – but point out this one simple detail to them and it can actually save you in a courtroom! 


Choosing Your Attorney!

This isn't the time to hire your “cousin Vinnie”.  Your entire life is on the line and you'll discover your bottom line criteria for choosing a lawyerand whether you should “take the deal” offered by a prosecuting attorney!

Ballistic Evidence

"No B.S." Bullet Ballistics!

A prosecutor may say you unnecessarily used “killer ammo” when you defended yourself… unless you load this one exact bullet that's proven to stop an attack fast – and best of all, a judge and jury literally have no way to argue its legality! 

Real Attack Evidence

Jury "Tests" You Must Know!

To legally defend your actions, the jury will look at what a “reasonable man/woman” would do based on specific “tests” – and our simple, real-world threat scenarios make it crystal clear when you can draw your weapon and pull the trigger!

...And Much, Much More!


Nearly 1 full hour of expert instruction!

9 video lessons in easy-to-understand "plain speak"!

"No B.S." strategies based on real defense cases!

Clear: No confusing terms or explanations!

Fast: Zero "fluff"... just the facts!

Effective: Cutting-edge tactical & legal secrets!

WHO IS "Bulletproof Defense" FOR?

“New” Gun-Owners –  Men and women who are unsure of when they're legally allowed to use their firearm for personal defense and want to “carry with confidence” in their community!

“Old School” Protectors – Experienced shooters who are looking for a few new “tactical tricks”… and want to better protect their family after they're forced to pull the trigger!

2nd Amendment Supporters – The easiest way to lose your “right to bear arms” is be convicted of a felony after a self-defense shooting… and never be allowed to own a gun again!

Your Gun Defends Your Life...
Let "Bulletproof Defense" Defend Your Freedom!

Certification Fee:


Register TODAY For Just


* You're 100% covered with our “Bulletproof 365-Day Guarantee”: If for ANY reason you don't feel more confident – both tactically and legally – with your personal defense firearm after going through the “Bulletproof Defense” certification course, then simply contact us within 1 full year and we'll refund your full purchase price – no hassles, no hard feelings! That's my personal promise to you!


Since the “Reasonable Man Doctrine” is based on the knowledge you had at the time you were forced to defend yourself, your dated certificate will show proof of your successful completion of the course.

This will allow you to submit any of the lessons you watched as evidence in order to prove to a jury that you were aware of certain tactical dangers, legal factors, or other considerations in your case when you defended yourself.

For example, a prosecutor may try to say that your attacker was too far away from you for you to feel threatened.  But you'll be able to show video proof from the Bulletproof Defense program that a man as far away as 40-50′ or more is a lethal threat – and more importantly – that you knew this fact at the time you pulled the trigger!

Ummm… no… This information is not a “get out of jail free card” or any guarantee that you'll be found innocent by a jury. 

However, you will be much less likely to find yourself in front of a judge if you know some of the “hidden laws” few gun-owners are aware of (or are gravely misinformed on) so you can take proper legal action and avoid a devastating arrest and trial.

No.  We are not a legal organization or licensed law practitioners.  The Bulletproof Defense Certification is presented for general educational purposes only and does NOT constitute legal advice.

If you are in need of legal advice, consult competent legal counsel in the relevant jurisdiction.

I'm glad you asked because this is why the “Bulletproof Defense” training is so different than other “legal training courses” out there.

You may have heard the popular saying, “It's better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6”?

This common adage among gun-owners basically refers to the idea that first you have to survive the violent attack, and that if you hesitate because you're worried about the legality of your actions (judged by 12 jurors), then you could be killed (and carried by 6 pallbearers).

In other words, “hesitation kills!

In the “Bulletproof” course, the legal considerations you must be aware of are covered from a tactical perspective… to help you survive the attack AND not have to hesitate in pulling the trigger because of legal concerns (kind of a “the truth may set your trigger finger free” approach).

Peyton QuinnYour instructor for the “Bulletproof Defense Certification Program” is none other than Peyton Quinn himself – a Vietnam vet, biker, and bouncer who's come face-to-face with the meanest, toughest thugs on the planet!

It was these encounters – as well as his work with both prosecution and defense attorneys (and even in-depth interviews with convicted murderers) – that taught him the reality that the legal implications of your actions have as much to do with “survival” as your fist, feet, knife, or gun skills.

A legendary pioneer in what's now been coined “Adrenal Response Training”, Peyton has created a system of controlling fear, stress, and anger in order to avoid fights when possible…or use them as “weapons” to quickly stop an attacker when avoidance isn't an option.

Peyton's RMCAT training camp located in the mountains of Colorado, has been described as one of the most realistic combat training workshops in the world and in this video training program, he provides you with an in-depth understanding of the realities of a life-or-death encounter few people ever understand.

Knowing these inherent attributes of violence – and how to legally react to them – provides you with the knowledge you need to make a “shoot-or-don't-shoot” decision… and back it up in court if you're ever prosecuted for defending yourself and those you love!

After each short video lesson, there will be a very short 2 or 3 question “multiple choice quiz” on the material you just watched to verify your understanding of the information.  You will need to pass each quiz to go on to the next lesson.  (Don't worry… the questions are short and fast, and will reinforce the training.)

After the final lesson and quiz, you will then be issued a printable download of your certificate – dated to show your completion timeline as “proof” of your prior tactical and legal knowledge.

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