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FBI stats of 35’… 21’… even 10’… have it all dead wrong!

Tuesday, April 26th 11:43 pm From: Jeff Anderson, Executive Director of Warrior Life Dear Responsibly-Armed Citizen, Ok, I know I’m going to piss a lot of people off with what I’m about to say… That’s ok. I value your life enough to ruffle a few butt-feathers and it’s about time someone told you the cold, hard truth about how gunfights REALLY happen. Oh sure, you’ll hear all kinds of “experts” talking about how close real attacks happen, but…

95% Of "Shooting Stats" You See Are Completely WORTHLESS When It Comes To Real Gun Fights!

You see, the standard of data that nearly every “gun guru” references for their information is the FBI’s annual report on Law Enforcement Officers Killed And Assaulted.

You’ll typically hear claims like “most gun fights happen between 10-20 feet away from the defender”.

Some will even quote the “Tueller Rule” that you need to be able to engage an attacker as much as 21 feet away and within 1.5 seconds before he closes that distance to attack you with a weapon such as a knife.

Others will tell you that “10 feet” is the best rule to follow.

But let me tell you…if you’re basing your firearms training on any one of these concepts, you’re putting your life (and the lives of those you hold dear) in serious danger!

Look at it this way…

All of these stats are based on OFFICER shootings – NOT civilian shootings (which is much harder to come by).

And any numb-nut can understand that a lot of officer encounters happen as a result of being called to a crime.

That means that they’re already aware of an attacker… have the option to keep their distance – behind cover – and engage a threat from a distance away to remain safe.

But unfortunately for you…

Civilian Gunfights Happen Because Of Two Deadly Dynamics...
... Escalated Arguments And Ambushes!

Now this is where the FBI and police stats really DO come in handy.

As far as “hit percentages” go, most police agencies are doing well if the reports reveal that 25% of their shots actually hit the suspect.

No, that’s not a typo… trained police officers are happy if they hit their target just 25% of the time when forced to shoot in close quarters defense!

Hell… even the Los Angeles Police Department – known for their expertise in slinging lead with well-armed gangbangers – proudly brags about only a 28% hit rate.

Now let me remind you that we’re talking expertly trained law enforcement… at close range!

So let me ask you… can YOU afford to miss a violent thug 3 out of every 4 shots?

And please don’t fool yourself into thinking that YOU are the exception to the rule.

Because of the dynamics of a close quarters attack…

your traditional shooting stance is out of the question (so you’re holding the gun in a totally unfamiliar way)…

you can’t use the gun sight (the one skill you’ve been religiously honing)…

…and your attacker will be moving away from your line of fire (remember, it’s not a lifeless paper target anymore).

All this adds up to you being a very bad shot… even at close distance.

And where will those bullets go?

Into a passing car? Your neighbor’s bedroom window? Through your child’s bedroom wall where they’re sleeping?

Look, even trained law enforcement are missing their shots 75% of the time so…

… it’s painfully obvious that most people are completely unprepared for the realities of a real attack. In fact…

Most Armed Citizens Are Training The Absolute WRONG WAY To Defend Themselves In A Close-Quarters Gun Fight!

There – I said it.

“Traditional” firearms training is a complete failure in preparing citizens to save their life!

Why do I assume that?

Because I know what I see when I’m looking down the shooting lane at every range I’ve ever been to all across our great nation…

Stall after stall of shooters who are highly skilled at getting a tight shot group at 15 yards away… but have no clue about how to “fight with a gun”!

That’s a very critical difference and it’s the missing link that separates the “gun owner” from “gun fighter”!

These are two very different things my friend.

In the street… in your home… mere inches can mean the difference between life and death.

Getting to your gun when you’re surprised and blind-sided by an ambush is going to take more than your perfect little “Weaver” or “Isosceles” stance and your front sight.

You must get to your gun quickly… end the attack viciously… or you die!

Maybe you’re left to bleed… alone on the pavement… or maybe your family are the ones left alone – forced to beg for mercy from the subhuman animals who attacked you.

That’s a hard fact to face… but you know it’s true!

My goal is to never let this happen to you or your family.

So I’ve made it my personal mission to help you master “close quarters battle” with your firearm!

Here's How To Master Your Weapon In An Extreme Close Quarters Gun Battle ...

As you can now plainly see, the art of close quarter shooting is not only something you need to be aware of… close combat shooting is something you must MASTER if you want to be able to defend yourself and your family in a deadly attack!

That’s why I want to introduce you to our latest creation…

“Extreme Close Combat Shooting”

You see, we recently got together with one of the most respected firearms experts in the business to expose the “no B.S.” facts about what tactics you need to train in order to survive a close quarters shooting.

This guy is not only a highly-respected “door-busting” SWAT Team Leader and instructor, but he’s also featured every month in numerous firearms magazines like Combat Handguns, Guns & Ammo, Personal & Home Defense.

He’s even been a special host for Personal Defense Network on tactical firearms training for the real world.

In short, the guy knows his stuff!

And we picked his brain and forced him to reveal his very best close combat tips, such as…

No matter how much of an "expert marksman" you may be, this one deadly factor will turn you into a bumbling fool when forced to use your gun in close quarters combat. Fix this fast or the end result could be fatal.

2 key skills you must be able to perform (at the same time!) in any close quarter scenario if you ever hope to keep yourself out of danger!

All the gun practice in the world is useless if you don’t correct this one easy and vital technique that a majority of gun users are totally “lazy” about (this often overlooked technique can be dramatically improved just by becoming aware of it).

The insider step-by-step training moves to build up to real life scenarios (so if the sh*t does hit the fan, you’re 100% ready to handle it)!

A clever (yet safe) way to "simulate" the combat stress you'll feel in a real gunfight. This is the secret to bridging the gap between a sterile training environment and the real do-or-die attack you should be preparing for.

How to develop close quarter skills so lightning-fast and devastating that your attacker won't know what hit him... until it's too late!

The only 2 ways you should move when ambushed by a thug on the street... plus the one direction that will get you killed! (Sadly, it's the first reaction most people think is "safe".)

A simple trick from pro football players that you can use to instantly neutralize an approaching attacker. (This totally works and it shortcuts straight to the core response mechanism of your adversary's brain.)

The biggest mistake the average gun owner makes when locked up in a struggle that dramatically increases the chances of your attacker taking your gun! (Fact: A disturbing number of trained police are shot with their own weapon!)

How to use "military strategy" to quickly and easily disrupt any assailant's attack plan... and force him to react to you!

The only way to gain complete control of your gun when your attacker has a death grip on your firearm and you're struggling to get it back. No special skills or strength required - once you see it done.

And that’s just the beginning.

Proven Tactics For Home Invasion Assaults & Real "Life-Or-Death" Street Combat!

When your loved ones are shocked and trembling – hiding behind you when a meth-crazed armed lunatic has invaded your home, that’s no time to rely on “gun range theory”.

Unfortunately, most of what you’ll discover in your local gun training classes is a bunch of regurgitated B.S. that’s been handed down from instructor to instructor – and none of it based on how things REALLY go down in a close-quarters gun battle.

Maybe that’s why our exclusive expert has been hand-picked by SWAT and law enforcement special operations teams all around the country to clear out all the crap they’ve been getting spoon-fed in the academy… and finally gain access to the extreme tactics that will save a life!

Really, is there any other training you’d want to bet YOUR life on (or the life of someone you love)?

You only get one chance when your hand goes for your gun!

If you’ve trained the “traditional” way – like everyone else – you’re going to be in for a potentially life-changing wake-up call.

That’s why it’s critical you master these “extreme close combat shooting tactics” NOW – before you find out the hard way that your training is way off track and based on faulty theories.

When you sign up for our exclusive program now, you’ll also uncover such secrets as…

Why the most popular shooting stances are the least important skills you should be working on for real world attacks (and what works better).

One tip from the competitive shooting world which gives you a 360 degree grip on the gun... and the biggest mistake most people make with their thumbs that can destroy the ability to shoot accurately.

A breakdown of the lightning fast draw stroke. (You could be the best aim in the world but if you can’t even get your gun out of its holster, you’re in big trouble!)

The problem with the commonly taught “low abdomen” close quarter hold and the best position to hold a gun for close quarter use. (Tip: when taught properly it can even be done one handed.)

2 elements to guarantee accurate "aimed" fire... without even looking through your sites! This is a critical element of close quarter deadly confrontation.

One-handed vs. two-handed retention: what you need to know.

Your attacker is grabbing your gun! Do *this* and he'll never be able to use it against you. (Warning: The common “just pull the trigger” solution is not only dumb but dangerous. We'll show you why.)

How to avoid shooting off your own hand! You may laugh at this, but if you follow the training of some schools out there, that's exactly what will happen once your adrenaline kicks in!

How to get to your gun even if you're ambushed by someone twice your size and twice as strong!

There’s no skill more vital than being able to protect you or your loved ones from an attack.

And if you’re a gun owner the ability to expertly handle your gun in a close-quarter situation isn’t just a necessity – it’s life or death!

When you get your copy of “Extreme Close Combat Shooting” today, you tap into all the years of training and experience to dramatically shortcut your path of survivability.

And “survivability” is what X-CQC Shooting is all about with tactics like…

How to avoid shooting off your own hand! You may laugh at this, but if you follow the training of some schools out there, that's exactly what will happen once your adrenaline kicks in!

How to instantly add another dimension to your close quarter shooting offense that will automatically give you a deadly advantage over any attacker!

How to clear a malfunctioning gun (even if you're locked up in a death struggle and don't have a free hand to clear your jammed weapon!).

The "military strategy" that works even better at stopping a cunning gangbanger than it does at defeating an enemy force on the battlefield. Of the 4 principles you'll discover, one of them will force your attacker to see YOU as the "predator" and him as the "prey"!

Why "one-handed shooting" is so critical to your close quarter survival... and why 99% of all shooters have no clue how to pull this off to get rounds into their attacker!

2 things you must do in order to make a “pistol whip” safe and effective – miss these and you could end up doing more harm to yourself than the attacker!

The common mistake most people carrying a concealed firearm make when choosing a holster... and how to ensure your gun is always accessible when you need it.

A handy tool that helps you quickly differentiate an attacker from a non-threatening citizen.

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I have a special treat for you! During our interviews and special focus-groups, we also collected some amazing tactical secrets for deadly combat shooting!

The result was ANOTHER collection of 120 of the most amazing tactics we’ve ever heard before that we called…

Combat Shooting Secrets!

I can tell you that these powerful “quick tips” have completely changed the way I look at personal and home defense – so much so that I didn’t want to keep them all to myself.

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Secret #8: A $5 party gimmick that has the power to shock and disorient a home invader so he can't see what he's shooting at... and yet lies totally exposed to your tactical response!

Secret #29: How to turn your toilet and shower into a nasty surprise for a home invader if you're ever taken prisoner in your own home.

Secret #48: Exactly where to hide a knife to overcome the most common "bound and gagged" abduction scenario. (This tip is especially critical for women who are kidnapped and taken to a secondary location... and a last stand!)

Secret #58: When there's a knock at your door, answer it with *this* simple gadget and instantly foil a forced break-in. (Hint: It's NOT a gun, but it WILL grant you valuable seconds to get to yours and respond with hot lead!)

Secret #77: How to defeat a kidnap carjacking... even if you're unarmed! (We give you specific strategies for any position in your vehicle. You're going to want to share this one with your spouse, trust us!)

Secret #82: Three photos that put the "combat shotgun" debate to rest. (Even "experts" get stuck on this one, but you'll see the proof yourself about this critical home-defense mistake!)

Secret #88: A sneaky way to hide your home-defense shotgun ammo for critical backup reloads!

Secret #118: A simple way to prepare your children to escape from a violent home invasion. (Just this one little precaution could mean the difference between their flight to freedom... or being run down by an angry, violent thug as they flee!)

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Plus...Bundle Both Programs And I'll Even Add These 2 Special Bonuses For FREE...

Bundle Bonus #1 The X-CQC Shooting Audio Program (Value - $27 FREE!)

We were fortunate enough to pry this high-ranked SWAT leader from the ho-hum life of meth-lab raids to do a no-holds barred interview covering the little-known facts about what it takes to engage an enraged attacker at extreme close quarters.

What we discussed totally flies in the face of a lot of the so-called “tried and true” gunfighting B.S. that’s plaguing the tactics world today.

Oh well… it’s better you find out NOW while you can still do something about it and you’ll be far better prepared when you listen to this audio and discover strategies like…

Why the popular “speed rock” method is not only out-dated... but could actually work against you in a real attack!

One sneaky trick to correct a gun malfunction when your opponent is in striking distance!

One critical accessory that can greatly improve your gun aim (plus add a powerful psychological influence that can stop attackers dead in their tracks).

How you can instantly reduce recoil by making this one small adjustment to your arms.

3 ways to effectively turn your “off hand” (non-shooting hand) into a deadly asset plus one defensive and one offensive move you can apply to immobilize your opponent.

The single most important training technique to dramatically enhance your combat effectiveness! (Hint: It doesn't even involve your weapon yet most law enforcement swear they learn more from this "technique" than any actual live fire training they do!)

And a whole lot more!

Bundle Bonus #2 Combat Shooting Secrets Audio Program (Value - $27 FREE!)

Seeking out expert tactical firearms training will certainly make you better prepared to protect those you love…

… but when we asked our own readers and listeners to offer THEIR top tips for how to “shoot to survive”, we were shocked at the responses!

After 2 hours of taking calls and “quick tips”, we decided that this information needed to be shared in a big way to those who would most value the secrets that were shared.

So when you sign up for the special bundle offer below, we’ll throw in the entire call-in broadcast absolutely FREE so you can discover tactical strategies such as…

How to think like "Batman" to foil a home invasion. (His "bat utility belt" will have NOTHING on the gadgets, gizmos, and gear our callers suggest you get now.)

A special kind of bullet that arms you the right way for carrying concealed outside of your home. (This is specially designed for an "urban environment" and yet hardly anyone has ever heard of them! Lock and load your CCW with these for max stopping power!)

A really weird item that's carried by all the top bodyguards... and you'll find it in your wife's bathroom drawer of all places!

Got a Glock? Here's the #1 "mod" you need to make to be combat-ready!

How to buy an "invisible dog" that will scare the bejesus out of any attacker scouting your home as a target!

Take this caller's advice on how to "prep your car" every day for escape & evasion. It's now a built-in habit that I know will boost your level of confidence as well.

And Much, Much More! (Over 2 hours worth of tactics!)

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To Your Survival,

Jeff Anderson
Executive Director, Warrior Life

P.S. When you do find yourself in a close quarter shooting situation there is no time for second guessing or hoping that something “might” work. This is a life or death scenario with real consequences. Make sure you’re equipped with the right knowledge, strategies and know how to deal with all situations.

P.S.S. Remember you are backed by my 365 day no questions asked money back guarantee. I’m taking all the risk. Get the program and go through it and if you’re not completely satisfied you can get a full refund. There is no risk on your part. To get started just choose one of the packages above to order now and access all your programs right away.