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When the odds are against you, you need all your wits, skills, and any weapon you can legally use to defend yourself! 

Everyone knows that a knife is a great close-quarters weapon for self-protection… and a thrown knife gives you even more options to gain life-saving time and space to escape danger, or gain access to a more powerful weapon!

Now that you've started your path to mastering the “Thorn No-Spin Knife-Throwing Method”, your next step is to apply this powerful technique for real-world defense… and walk the path of a true “combat knife-thrower”!

Throwing Knife Target

Reach Elite"Combat Knife-Thrower" Status In Just 7 Easy Steps...





how to set up a throwing knife training area

Set Up Your Training Area

Every “blade master” needs a badass “combat training zone”! You'll see how easy it is to make your own targets using inexpensive scrap materials and lay them out in a variety of ways to transform any backyard, garage, basement, or barn into a realistic training environment!

how to throw a knife with no spin

Level 1: The "No-Spin" Foundation

You can't build a house without a solid foundation… and to master the advanced skills that follow, you first have to train your body to throw a knife like it's “second nature”.  Level 1 training is the easiest to master in the shortest time possible and lays the foundation for what comes next…

long distance knife throwing

Level 2: Angles & Long-Distances

In a real attack, you never know how you'll be approached.  Your Level 2 training shows you how to quickly adapt to ANY angle (side… underhand… sitting down… even from the ground) and how to stick ANY knife from 20, 30, even 40+ feet away with extreme accuracy!

throwing knives on the run

Level 3: throwing "On-the-move"

You're a dead man if you stand still in real combat! Movement is life and when attacked you need to “get off the X” to make yourself harder to hit. Your Level 3 training allows you to fire off knives while running, spinning around to face a second attacker, or even jumping over obstacles!

home defense knife

Level 4: dynamic range training

Ok, this is where your knife-throwing skills really get exciting! Level 4 brings all of your training together with advanced drills to make knife-throwing a natural, instinctive skill you can use under stress in a real attack! Welcome to ultimate “blade mastery” my friend!

survival knife fighting

"RealITY-Based" Throwing Tactics

Now that you've mastered throwing ANY knife… at ANY angle… from ANY distance… even “on the move”… it's time to prepare your new blade skills for life-or-death combat! From the battlefield to the street, you'll discover real-world tactics that could save your life when you're attacked!

combat knife throwing

The Path of the "Combat Thrower"

The true warrior never stops learning – and now that you've joined the ranks of the “combat thrower”, you'll find what it takes to carry on the spirit of this lost art of edged-weapon combat!  Refine your technique and continue your path of supreme mastery!

Combat Knife Throwing

your training at a glance

Now that you've started your path to mastering the “Thorn No-Spin Knife-Throwing Method”, your next step is to apply this powerful technique for real-world combat!

In this ground-breaking combat course, Ralph reveals how to throw a knife to defeat a violent attacker in any environment (urban, “battlefield”, or your home) and use any sharp object – from your pocket “combat folder” to kitchen knives, and even screwdrivers and scissors – to defeat your enemy with pinpoint accuracy!

Simple: No Prior Experience Necessary!

Fast: Master All Skill Levels In Just A Few Hours!

Effective: Powerful Tactics Vs. Real World Attacks!

Who is this product for?

Self-Defense Enthusiasts – Anyone who believes that self-defense is a personal right & responsibility and seeks to supplement your hand-to-hand, edged-weapon, or even firearms training by adding a powerful new “combat skill” to your self-protection arsenal.

Concealed Firearm Carriers – The most highly-trained gun-owners realize you won't be able to out-draw a criminal in a no-warning ambush attack. A thrown pocket knife is the best “back-up weapon” to injure your attacker at a distance and give you life-saving seconds  to get to your gun fast!

“Sport Throwers” – Your friends' jaws will drop to the floor as you show off your amazing skills to throw and stick ANY knife into a target from 10, 20, 30, even 40+ feet away! 





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