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The "Thorn No-Spin Knife-Throwing" System

The Ultimate Combat Knife-Throwing Method For The Modern Day Protector!

Jeff Anderson

This Is The ONLY Knife-Throwing Method That Works For REAL Combat & Street Survival Scenarios!

You and I both know that it's the ULTIMATE “combat skill” for anyone who owns a knife for personal defense…

Being able to throw a knife – and get it to STICK in your target – isn't just a fun hobby or sport… it really IS a valuable defensive skill also!

But the ONLY way to actually USE this skill in a REAL survival scenario is to make sure that the knife lands “point first” under the stress of a real attack and regardless of your attacker's distance or movement.

And there's only ONE knife-throwing technique that works this well – the “Ralph Thorn No-Spin Knife-Throwing” system!

And very soon we'll be opening up a brand new FREE VIDEO COURSE that will show you this method step-by-step so you can quickly master how to throw a knife to amaze your friends… and protect yourself and those you love!

Go ahead and sign up NOW to get first-notice when this free course goes live so you don't miss out!

Prepare. Train. Survive.

-Jeff Anderson
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