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WANTED: Open-Minded Gun-Owners For Honest "Market Test"

Amazing New Gun-Training Tool Quickly
Elevates ANY Shooting Skill To The Next Level!

Introducing Tacti-Balls - A Modern New Spin On A Thousands Year Old Technique!

Since 220 AD, “baoding balls”  have been revered for their incredible natural health benefits… and now for the self-protected “everyday warrior”, they offer incredible tactical benefits as well – employed for centuries by soldiers, the Samurai, and martial arts practitioners alike!

 And now our patent-pending new design makes them easy for anyone to enjoy whether you're at home, work, or the gun range!

Once you start training with your Tacti-Balls, you'll be hooked on how much fun they are to use… and how effective they are at taking ALL of your shooting skills to the next level!





What Makes Tacti-Balls So Effective At Increasing Shooting Performance?

Grab Your Balls And Unlock Your Ability To...

Draw Faster!

In a real gunfight, seconds count… and your enhanced dexterity from training with your Tacti-Balls will allow you to clear your clothing and get to your weapon as quickly as possible to engage your attacker… even under stress!

Concealed Carry Training


With increased hand strength and finger dexterity from training with your Tacti-Balls, you'll see rapid improvements in your ability to better control recoil and isolate your trigger finger to increase both speed and accuracy of every shot! 

Tacti-Balls Reloading Magazine

Reload & Clear Jams FAster!

The fine motor skills and coordination needed for reloading your weapon and clearing malfunctions is the first thing that goes out the window in a real gunfight! Training with your Tacti-Balls will increase your hand's operational range-of-motion to perform better under stress!

Tacti-Balls Learning Effects

Master any skill Faster!

A 2019 study on “In-Hand Manipulation” (IHM) found that object rotation in the hands significantly increases the number and efficiency of the brain's neural tracts. With regular use, this effect may apply to master ANY dexterity-reliant task faster and more effectively!

And Here's What else Your
tacti-balls can do for you...

  • Reduces stress!
  • Increases hand, finger, and arm strength!​
  • Alleviates pain from Arthritis, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Tennis Elbow, Golfer's Elbow, and Shooter's Elbow!
  • Enhances mental clarity & focus!​
  • Increases blood circulation!
  • Improves sleep quality & duration!
  • Improves meditational practice!
  • Facilitates relaxation and a sense of calm!

Includes FREE step-by-step videoS!

Tacti-Balls Video Course

What Other Tacti-Balls Users Had to Say...

Joshua B.
Joshua B.Chief Instructor - Barbosa Tactical Systems
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"As a firearms instructor, grip strength and finger dexterity is crucial for me. The Tacti-Balls will give you all that and more! They've definitely improved the strength in my hand. 5 Stars for happy, healthy hands and wrists!"
Mike Q.
Mike Q.Marine, Martial Arts & Firearms Instructor
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"I started working with the Tacti-Balls a few days ago. They were easier to work with than traditional balls and I've already made noticeable improvements in the dexterity, movement, control, and strength of my wrists and hands!"

Here's How This "Kinda Kickstarter" Works...

Order Your Set Of "Tacti-balls" by Midnight june 13th!

We're looking for serious gun-owners who are willing to test out our new Tacti-Balls™  training aid to send us their honest feedback about how effective this technology is for improving your shooting skills.

Ordering now snags YOU a great deal… plus lets us know there's enough interest in the product that we can take the next step…

Once 200 "Kickers" Sign Up For A Test-Drive, We're A "Go"!

As with all of the new tactical products we develop, it helps us to first do a “kickstarter” style market test to measure the level of interest of the market before we invest in its full production.

Our order goal is limited to 200 sets of the Tacti-Balls™  for our market test and once we reach our goal, we're “cleared hot” for the next step…

Woo-hoo! The Manufacturing Begins!

Once we reach our order goal, we'll set our spec-ops tactical elves out on their mission to begin full production of this new training aid for the gun market…

… and YOU will be able to brag to all of your friends about how YOU were one of the first shooters to “grab your balls”! 🙂

We Ship your balls To Your Door... And You get A "FOUNDERS PASS"

As soon as you order, we'll whisk you off a pair of the Tacti-Balls™  lickety split!

PLUS… if we make it to “full production mode”, you'll get insider notification once we're resupplied for a chance to buy more sets as gifts… AND a “founders pass” for your shooting friends to grab the same insider pricing deal!



Special "Field Test"
Deal For Just: $39.95



Basically this is a “win-win” opportunity for both of us. You see, we're a small company and launching a new product idea takes a LOT of moolah. For US, we get to see if enough of our followers are serious enough about this type of a product before we invest a bunch of money into it… AND it's also an opportunity for YOU to get a great product at a great discount (AND a few freebies!) for getting on board at the very beginning.

This “kickstarter” promotion is a bit different for us than our previous ones.  We already know this new training aid is going to be a huge hit… so instead of waiting to meet our sales goal to begin production, we had 200 “prototype” sets created to send to our most loyal fans to grab some testimonials for if (when?) we go into full production. You will be the very FIRST to get your new Tacti-Balls AND if (when!) we go into full production, we'll let you know so you can take advantage of the same special deal as one of our test group founders!

Yes… well, maybe… If we don't get enough takers… we won't actually move forward with full production.  We don't see this happening because everyone who's used them so far gets hooked!  But hey, anything is possible, eh?  Plus, you'll miss out on the discount AND the two free bonuses we're throwing in ONLY for those who invest early to get the project going.

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