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Your Opportunity To Help Build The Ultimate Online Training Community For The Modern Day Protector!


A New World Of Threats Demands
A New Class Of "WARRIORS"...

..."Everyday" Men & Women Who Are:


Do you live a life of honor and courage -proud of your commitment to forge your own path rather than live by other peoples' standards?


Do you laugh at the thought that the government is going to “save you” during a natural or man-made disaster, infrastructure collapse or other crisis?


Do you accept that YOU are the only “protector” your loved ones can rely on when face-to-face with the predatory “wolves” of our society?

IF Now isn't the time to prepare, then when?

All you have to do is watch the news to see that the world is becoming a more dangerous place to live – with the increased likelihood, frequency and intensity of a whole range of threats, such as:

Natural Disasters

Riots & Looting

Grid-Down Blackout

Criminal Ambushes

“Road Rage” Attacks

Economic Collapse

Terrorist Attacks 

Martial Law

Active Shooters

The only way to truly be “at-the-ready” is to build your custom crisis response plan… prepare your supplies… and TAKE FAST, DECISIVE ACTION at mastering just a handful of simple skills that could save your life – or the life of someone you love – when danger has you in its crosshairs.

But what's the fastest way to be prepared?

As we all know, it's difficult to be prepared for absolutely EVERY potential crisis – especially with limited resources.  And it's even harder when you're super busy… overwhelmed… and confused by all the conflicting advice from online “gurus” (who have little to no real life experience).

That's why we've created a one-stop online training resource to help you get clear, expert direction on what to do NOW – and the fastest way to develop the plans and skills you need to stay safe and protected no matter what crisis you and your family may face…

what is The warrior life academy
"Founders Program"?

Ok, here's the deal…

Many years ago, we recognized the increasing threats that honest, hard-working folks were facing in a dangerous world – and we had a vision to create a powerful online training community for like-minded men and women – the “everyday protectors” of our society – who want to be as PREPARED as possible… as FAST as possible, for what lies ahead!

This new online training community is now in the final stages of development – and we need YOUR help…

We're looking for a “test group” of just 500 new members – our “inner circle” advisors – to provide us with your personal feedback and advice on what features and training that will help you reach your personal goals of being more self-reliant and self-protected.

If you're up for the task, you'll not only play an active role in building the most robust and effective online training community for the “modern day warrior”…

…but you'll also be entering at our TOP ranking  – our “RONIN”  level – with FULL ACCESS TO ALL OF OUR CURRENT AND FUTURE FEATURES – at a deeply discounted rate that will NEVER go up as long as you're an active member!

AS Great As All This Sounds,
there are a few "catches"...

  • It's Going To Be “Messy” At First! Many of the site's new features are still “under construction” and in various stages of development. Instead of having access all at once, these new training features will be dripped out as they're completed – and that's where YOU come in! Be the first to “test drive” the training and offer your honest feedback on your experience so we can continue to improve our community!
  • This Offer Will NEVER Be Made Again – EVER!  Seriously… this is your ONLY opportunity ever to enter the community at this level at the current monthly membership fee.  As we continue to develop the site, the price for new members will be increased in order to keep our community manageable and effective.  But YOUR costs will NEVER go up as long as you're an active member.  PROMISE!
  • No “Talkers” Need Apply!  No egos… no politics… no “fantasy” tactical bullshit!  If you think cool t-shirts and bumper stickers make you a “warrior” and you're looking for a forum to brag and put others down, we aren't for you.  DON'T JOIN! (We'll just kick your sorry ass out anyway!)
  • “Walkers” Only Please! Now you DON'T need to be a Navy SEAL with a Mad Max “bugout mobile” and a remote wilderness cabin bunker to join… but we DO ask that you “walk the walk” and take your role as a “protector” seriously by committing to take small, consistent steps to becoming more prepared and better protected.  We'll make it super easy for you… but we won't do it FOR you.

Now, if this sounds like your “dream community”, then let us show you what's available right now – AND what's coming up in our development plans that YOU will have first access to…

Here are 6 ways the "warrior life academy" will help you reach your goals...

Warrior Life Academy

#1 - "9x5" training roadmap

9x5 Training Roadmap

Step-By-STep Training For Every skill You Need!

(Starting In December 2021!)

Our exclusive “9×5” training approach shortcuts your planning and skill-development in 3 critical areas:

  • Self-Defense (Armed & Unarmed)
  • Tactical Firearms (Home Defense & Concealed Carry)
  • Survival (Natural & Man-Made Disasters)
Each of these 3 development “roadmaps” contains 9 modules of 5 short videos each – covering only the most critical information you need to be at-the-ready for any crisis or attack!

#2 - All-Access "PRODUCT vault"

product vault


(Available RIGHT NOW In The Members Area – With MORE Training On The Way!)

With over 100 exclusive self-defense, firearms, and survival products at your fingertips, you'll possess the ultimate survival library to dig deeper into any topic you desire, delivered to you in multiple formats, such as:

  • In-Depth Training Manuals For Every Goal
  • Full-Length, Step-By-Step Video Courses
  • Audio Library Of Classes & Expert Interviews
PLUS… as a member, you'll get access to every single new training program we release in the future – and extra resources not available to the public!

#3 - warrior workshops

Monthly Deep-Dive "Master Classes"

(Coming November 2021!)

As an active member, you'll get a “free pass” to our monthly training sessions with our expert network of instructors on a wide range of topics:

  • Firearm Tactics For Home Defense & Concealed Carry
  • Simple Self-Defense Strategies (That Really Work!)
  • Realistic Preparedness & Survival Planning The “Non-Prepper”
Can't make the live training? No problem! Get access to all of the recordings after the event in the members area to watch any time you like!

#4 - "Mini-mission" Challenges


accept the challenge - win big prizes!

(Coming November 2021!)

It's truly a win-win!  Every month you'll have the opportunity to join a special members only “mini-mission” challenge based on Academy training.  

The more tasks you complete, not only will you be better prepared… but you'll gain more entries into a special high-ticket giveaway at the end of the month related to your training, such as:

  • Firearms (Yeah, REAL Ones For Personal & Home Defense!)
  • Survival Gear (Ex. Survival Food Kits; Generators; Med Kits; etc.) 
  • Training Aids (Ex. “BOB” Dummy; Dry-Fire Systems; Range Gear; etc.)

#5 - "Quick win" q&a's

Simple Answers To YOUR Tough Questions!

(Coming November 2021!)

We're committed to your growth and progress – and it's our job to help you get the clarity and direction you need to take action and reach your goals!

  • Have a specific problem you're dealing with?
  • Want to know the best equipment to buy for a goal of yours?
  • Confused about which path to take in your training?
Just submit your questions and each week, our network of experts will record a short video response to submissions to help you overcome any challenges standing in your way!

#6 - exclusive discounts & deals


member-only promotions & savings!

(Coming November 2021 – With MORE Deals Added All The Time!)

It pays to have friends in high places in our industry!  With our relationships with manufacturers and training providers, you get “insider access” to exclusive savings on all sorts of gear and supplies!

  • The Widest Selection Of Survival Gear & Supplies
  • “Insider Prices” On Hard-To-Find Ammunition
  • Training Aids For Firearms & Self-Defense
PLUS… since our own products are created in small, custom batches and sell out quickly, you'll get first-shot notice of resupply and special offers and discounts the general public will never even see!



Meet Our Hand-Selected Team Of Trainers With Real-World Experience!

Jeff Anderson


10-year combat infantryman “forward observer”, combat medic, combatives trainer; former fitness coach and bodyguard.


  • Unarmed Self-Defense
  • Survival Weapons
  • Urban Survival
  • Evacuation Tactics & Gear
  • Home Defense
  • Concealed Carry
Mike Ox


Competitive shooter and the “mad scientist” of tactical firearm training; Consultant for military and law enforcement personnel.


  • Dry-Fire Training
  • Concealed Carry
  • Urban Survival
  • Homesteading
  • Unarmed Self-Defense
Jonathan Hollerman

Jonathan hollerman

Former Air Force SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) Instructor and best-selling “grid-down” author and consultant.


  • Retreat Planning
  • Off-Grid Strategies
  • Urban & Remote Security
  • Evacuation Tactics
  • Survival Communities


Retired police officer, overseas security contractor and disaster response team leader, contractor, consultant and instructor.


  • Unarmed Self-Defense
  • Concealed Carry
  • Urban & Remote Survival
  • Small-Unit Tactics
  • On-/Off-Road Driving
  • Emergency First-Aid


Retired Navy Heliborne CPO and Combat Focus Shooting instructor; Degreed in Performance Psychology.


  • Concealed Carry
  • Home Defense
  • Personal Development
  • Instructor Development
  • Unarmed Self-Defense


Highly-sought after instructor for military, security teams, law enforcement and civilian preparedness teams.


  • Escape & Evasion
  • Tracking
  • Urban & Remote Survival
  • Survival Weapons
  • Wilderness Survival


From 82nd ABN paratrooper and police officer to elite bodyguard and security team leader; Personal performance coach. 


  • Unarmed Self-Defense
  • Concealed Carry
  • Personal Protection Tactics
  • Personal Performance
  • Mind-Set Development
  • All-Age Health & Fitness

Glenn hairston

Former police detective,  undercover officer, tactics instructor and bodyguard with over 50 years “street” experience. 


  • Unarmed Self-Defense
  • “Special Needs” Protection (ex. – Elderly; Disabled)
  • Predator Mindset
  • All-Age Training Measures
  • Concealed Carry

...Only 500 39 spots REMAIN...
Join The Warrior life academy "founders club" Now And help build the ultimate online training community!

Value: $97.00/mth

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* Our “Bulletproof 30-Day Guarantee: If for ANY reason you don't feel that the “Warrior Life Academy” is for you, simply contact our team within the first 30 days and we'll refund your full membership fee – no hassles, no hard feelings! That's my personal promise to you!


Some of it maybe. But there's so much mis-information online put out by “fake gurus” and “slick marketers” with no real experience that the fantasy b.s. strategies you find could fail you in a real life-or-death disaster, attack, or other crisis. Our training team is hand-selected for their personal real-world, “boots on the ground” experience in the areas we cover.

That all depends on you…

Nothing is more expensive than paying for training you're not going to use or buying gear and supplies that don't fit your personal needs. There's a lot of false information out there that can do you more harm than good.

Because our training is designed to take very little of your time – and break things down into manageable chunks anyone can follow –  the Warrior Life Academy will likely SAVE you a ton of money while helping you “shortcut” your skill-development and plans to prepare faster.

We never recommend anything impractical or excessively expensive and start by showing you how to maximize your current resources so you're as prepared as possible for your personal needs right now – and then “level up” as your time and budget allows.

Plus – at as little as $.50 a day, your fees will NEVER go up as long as you're an active member.  Ever. So joining now will save you both time and money long into the future.

No problem! We take into account that some of our members are jus getting started and are looking for a place to get clear direction and quality training from the start and don't want to feel intimidated or unwelcome because they're just getting started.

We don't allow chest-thumping “big egos” in the community and encourage a welcome environment where everyone can share ideas and challenges and will feel cheered-on and rewarded for individual progress!

We're all in this together, warrior!

In a word, “no”…

What we've found is that most of the training out there is unrealistic for real-world events and often based on industry bravado and false assumptions with no real-world foundation. What works for Navy SEALs on the battlefield will NOT work for the average gun-owner or “prepared citizen”.

That being said, it serves you best to “empty your glass” of previous training and be open to it being filled with new ideas and strategies… while ALSO sharing your own experience and training with others who will be facing challenges you can help them with inside the community.

The Warrior Life Academy is a “journey” – not a “training class”.

Your goal should be to take “small steps” as consistently as you can – and we'll make it super easy for you!

Our training is meant to NOT overwhelm you and instead, break down only the most critical steps necessary for you to be as prepared as possible, as fast as possible!

Each day, week, and month brings new and exciting opportunities for you to learn something new and engage with other like-minded “warriors” in a supportive and rewarding environment.

Our various training opportunities are always available for you – ready and waiting whenever you're ready to take your “next steps”.

You work at your own pace based on your goals – and you'll get as much support and accountability as you want.

Not at all!

We've developed quite a following over the years of strong women who identify with the “warrior role” as a protector and a provider.

All are welcome and our community is NOT meant to be a testosterone-driven frat party of tacti-cool bullies.

Yes, absolutely!

All of our training sessions are later posted in their corresponding sections in the memers-only area.

Plus, many of the sessions will be broken down into short individual video lessons to make them even more manageable for you.

You can access all of the training anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Canceling is easy and there's no long-term contract or anything silly like that.

We only want members who WANT to be here and to cancel, you'll find a link in the members area to reach our team and get the help you need any time.

We realize that committing to a “monthly fee” can be a leap of faith if you're not familiar with our company, trainers, reputation – and especially haven't seen all the training features inside the members-only area.

That's why we offer you a 30-day “test drive” of all the features inside the Warrior Life Academy so you can poke around and see if it's really a good fit for you and your goals.

If it's not, then all you have to do is contact our support team to cancel within your first 30-day “test drive” and we'll cancel your membership access and give you a full refund for your first month's dues.  No hassles. No hard feelings.

And even after your first 30 days, you're able to cancel your membership at any time so there's no contracts and no risk.

If you have any questions, it's best to reach out to our support team directly at so we can clear things up for you.

You'll find our team super friendly and helpful!

Value: $97.00/mth

Take Advantage Of This Special
One-Time Offer Now For Just...





* Our “Bulletproof 30-Day Guarantee: If for ANY reason you don't feel that the “Warrior Life Academy” is for you, simply contact our team within the first 30 days and we'll refund your full membership fee – no hassles, no hard feelings! That's my personal promise to you!

"We Don't Rise To The Level Of Our Expectations... We FAll To The Level Of Our Training"