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Jeff Anderson

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Are you a “protector”? Do you pride yourself on being more aware, prepared, and committed than those you see around you day-to-day? Are you willing to put in tiny amounts of time to get back big returns on your personal protection skill advancement?

If this sounds like you, then I want to invite YOU to join our “early bird notification list” for the launch of our upcoming Warrior Life Academy training community!

We're only accepting 500 founding members so go ahead and sign up for your “Early Bird” notification email to beat the rush and get 24-hours advanced notice of us opening our doors before we go public! 

Prepare. Train. Survive.

-Jeff Anderson
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Zero pressure and no obligation to join!   But we’re only allowing 500 new “founding members” into the new Warrior Life Academy when we go live so if you want a 24-hour jumpstart on the rest of the world to make your decision, then just enter your best email below now and we’ll give you first crack at joining the team!