Chris Sajnog - Open Eyed Shooting Tactics
Chris Sajnog On Open Eyed Shooting Tactics For A Real Gunfight!

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It's a sad, sad fact…

Much of the firearm skills being taught today (and widely practiced at local gun ranges all across the country) won't hold up when you're faced with a real life-or-death gun battle in tight quarters… a dark parking lot… or under the florescent lights of a convenience store at one in the morning.

Just ONE of these skills is the “single-eyed sighting” that 99% of all shooters practice.

In this week's podcast episode, former Navy SEAL trainer, Chris Sajnog, reveals his close-quarters shooting tactics and a strange method for using BOTH eyes to accurately engage your target.

I've been using this weird trick for over 30 years with my M-16/AR-15 and with my handgun for the last 10 years or so.

It just WORKS… and I urge you to try this out yourself using Chris's step-by-step techniques!

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • What Navy SEALs know about the “combat reality” of a gunfight (that you don't?)
  • Why traditional range training can cost you your life in a real attack (and Chris's “instant fix” for adding more realism to ALL of your gun training)!
  • A weird “ghost trick” for getting near pin-point accuracy… without even looking at your front sight!
  • How to cure yourself of “Cyclops Sighting Disorder” and establish new life-saving gunfight habits fast!
  • A simple way to use a pencil to get in your “firearms training” at home (or even at work)! 

Make no mistake…

… this single podcast episode has the ability to change the way you look at firearms training forever!

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What Other “Traditional” Firearms Training Do You See People Doing That May Not Work In A Real Gunfight?

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