Were we the first to warn of North Korea's sinister plans to battle the U.S. on our own soil?

Well… um… no… but we DID keep them front and center in our Reload podcasts to keep them on the radar by highlighting their butt-ugly cammo uniforms and Jeff's aleged romance with the evil dictator leader (it's all a lie!!!)

Jeff and Buck take on North Korea and more in this week's recap of our blog posts and  news.

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Here's what we have in store for you this week…

  • Cyber War on the horizon? Is this a serious threat and are we now facing extinction at the hands of any tech-savvy 12 year old hacker operating out of his parents' basement?
  • Survival weapons!  What's the best survival caliber for your apocalypse arsenal?
  • Community defense! Recent news about citizens in action coming to the (armed) aid of their neighbors during a “collapse”.
  • Survival Hunting: How to get a 1-shot kill when bagging food for your family!
  • Knife fighting tactics!

It's time to wake up… and take action!

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