Military SERE Escape And Evasion Training

What would you do if you were held against your will with an unknown fate?

Would you know how to escape your captors and evade them as they chase you down?

Well fortunately, Reggie Bennett (a former Military SERE Instructor) knows how… and he tells all in this exclusive interview that will help you master the skills you need to get out of near impossible situations… and make your way to safety!

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Here's what you'll discover when you listen in:

  • “Psychological triggers” to help you stay mentally strong during captivity so you can take advantage of your first escape opportunity.
  • How to plan (and execute!) your escape!
  • How to make yourself virtually “invisible” and mask your escape route through improvised camouflage and concealment tactics!
  • Evading trackers! No matter how skilled they are, use these techniques and you'll never be found!
  • Interrogation and torture! Exactly what you need to know to keep them from breaking your will!

Hopefully you never need to use the tactics you'll find in this podcast.

But if you do, this is EXACTLY what you'll need to save your life!

What's Your BEST “Escape & Evasion” Trick?

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