Common Sense Gun Control - Training

As a responsible gun-owner, if I want a nuclear bazooka, I should be able to have one.

I think you should too.

Well… unless you're criminally insane, a terrorist, or plan on using that bazooka to blow me and my family up at the local Piggly Wiggly.

Fact is, “gun control” – as much of a dirty word that is – is something that there may in fact be some common ground on for both the Left and the Right.

I still think there's room for improvement in our gun laws that can make us safer without giving up our rights…

… and I think my fellow 2nd Amendment advocates can lead the way!

Sure, we've compromised probably way to much in some areas and it's a constant battle to keep the gun-grabbers from stripping us of our right and ability to protect ourselves.

But this week, I may have a good “win-win” solution that (I think) can go a long way toward bridging a gap I and other firearms trainers & experts have identified.


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But I'd like to hear what YOU have to say too!

Listen to this week's episode… my argument for this potential “improvement”… and leave us your opinion and potential ideas below

(Oh… and remember… I ONLY expect respectful, professional ideas and feedback.  No haters allowed!  This is a discussion – a brainstorming, if you will – and all ideas are welcome.)

Thanks for your cooperation and input.

Are There Good “Common Sense” Solutions To Keeping Guns Out Of The Hands Of Criminals, Terrorists, And The Insane?

Please Share Your Constructive Ideas Below Now…

(Warning: No Haters Allowed.  Challenge Yourself To Join Your Fellow Patriots In Proving We Can Do More Than Just Cross Our Arms.)