When it comes to real street violence – an attack that forces you to defend yourself against a bigger, stronger, more experienced attacker – you can't rely on complicated “martial arts” moves.

You gotta get “plumb mad dog mean” and nasty – and have a bag of “dirty tricks” that will end the fight fast and emerge the victor… and alive!

You're about to get that bag of dirty tricks as combatives trainer, Jeff Anderson, shares the 5 most devastating “street strikes” that anyone can master quickly.

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Here's what's in store for you in this week's broadcast…

  • Is “punching” effective in a real street fight? If you get a lucky shot in, it is. But there are other dangers of punching… and one easier solution that's even more powerful!
  • “Illegal fight moves” – a shockingly simple tactic so brutal they're not even allowed in those no-holds barred cage matches!
  • The “kicking myth”… and the super simple solution for knocking a bigger man down to size without having to practice doing splits.
  • Larger attackers! The #1 fight move to overwhelm their power and reach advantage (this has been proven time and time again in real fights)!
  • Ground fighting! Forget “wrestling”… your goal is to get to the top and unleash a powerful barrage of this one easy-to-master strike. It will magnify your power at least 5x!

Even if you've never been in a fight before in your life, you'll find these 5 simple “fight moves” to be simple life-savers you can quickly add to your hand-to-hand combat arsenal!

What's Your #1 Favorite Strike To Defend Yourself In A Real Fight?

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