hiding survival food

So you have cases of MRE's and enough beans to power a small methane plant all ready for the apocalypse…

… but what if your friends and family (who didn't prepare of course) come looking for something for their grumbling tummies?

Or what about the door-to-door hit squads of grub-grabbers in uniform ordered to lighten your load of Froot Loops?

One of our readers had this question and sent it in for a Q&A podcast this week:

“I'm building up food reserves and do not really have a safe hiding place and I don't have a bugout location.  I'm stuck here.  Where can I hide my emergency food?

GREAT question and I covered a LOT of tips related to this scenario (many of which I hear often)!

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Here's what awaits you in this week's episode…

  • Feeling “stuck” at home? When bugging out doesn't seem like an option, do this…
  • How to decide which type of survival food is best for your needs.
  • The “threats” to your food supply (and the #1 way to keep them at a minimum)!
  • Indoor and outdoor options for hiding your survival rations from prying eyes and hungry mouths.

I know a lot of our readers and listeners have these same questions so I want to personally thank Terry V. for submitting this question.  (We'll be in touch with a special “thank you” gift Terry!)

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