MCS Podcast #70: 10 Stages To “Police State U.S.A.”


Is the United States turning into a total and complete “police state”?

There's a world-recognized 10-stage process every police state in history has followed to induce complete control over its citizens…

… and you may be surprised at which stage we're currently in here in the good ‘ol “land of freedom”.

But let me take off my tinfoil hat for a minute and lay the facts out before you to see for yourself.

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Here's what you'll find in this week's episode…

  • How the “war on terror” has targeted the most patriotic citizens as extremists worthy of indefinite detention!
  • Do YOU fit the Department of Homeland Security's profile as an “enemy of the state”? Take this test and see for yourself…
  • Has “Officer Friendly” been transmogrified into “Robo-Cop” for a greater purpose? Listen in and you decide…
  • Why your biggest threat ISN'T the NSA's secret spy programs.  (It's actually something much closer to home!)
  • Coming Up: How to take back your freedom and “fight the Puppet-Masters”

There's a “war on patriots” taking place… and we're losing!

But the fight isn't over.

And it's our turn to reclaim our freedom!

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