What if wide-scale collapse gripped our country?

Without rule-of-law, your town could quickly transform into something that MORE resembles a 3rd world territory run by gangs, warlords and militia groups than the Mayberry, USA you were used to before everything crumbled around you.

Will you and your family survive… or be ground underfoot by the heavy-handed tactics employed by the new “rulers”?

In a ‘hot-zone” landscape, only you, your wits, and your weapons make it possible for you and those you protect to survive!

That's why I was so excited to get pro security contractor, Nathan Seabrook, on this week's broadcast to snag his real-world lessons to help teach military, civilians, survivalists, and patriots about dealing with the chaos following a collapse!

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Here's what you'll find in this week's episode…

  • Beg, borrow or steal? The best way to prepare for dealing with locals when resources are non-existent!
  • How to develop a “6th sense” for danger to read any threat in any environment!
  • “Should I join a gang or militia?” A controversial question… and an unexpected answer from a pro who has seen both sides!
  • How to develop your own “intelligence network” to be forewarned of danger in your area so you can prepare your escape… OR your defense!
  • The #1 thing to do with new “survival team” members to quickly see if they'll pull their weight… or threaten your very survival!

This is a rare glimpse into what it takes to survive the most dangerous locations on the planet…

…and master the urban survival tactics you may need if things go south at home!

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