Worst Case Shooting positions

Criminals are a lot smarter than most people give them credit for.

They know that the best way to achieve their goal of victimizing you is to catch you when you're off guard: sitting in your car… bending down tying  your shoe… or ambush you “knockout game” style to put you flat on your back.

When everything goes wrong and you don't have a snowball's chance in Hell of getting to your weapon and getting that nice, stable Weaver stance with a perfect sight picture… what will you do?

How will you fire if you're on your back… sitting behind the wheel… or flat on your face?

In this week's broadcast, police officer and expert firearms trainer, Tim Blakely, reveals the worst-case scenarios you could find yourself fighting from… and his best tips for winning the gunfight!

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Here's what you'll find in this week's episode…

  • Why “kneeling” may not be the worst scenario you can get into… and can even give you 180 degree “quick coverage” if you know how to fight from this position!
  • Flat on your face! When you end up on the ground, the least maneuverable position you can get in is on your stomach… which is why these tips are so critical to getting your gun back into the action!
  • Knocked on your @$$!  Your instincts will try to quickly get you onto your back if you're dragged to the pavement.  But handled right, there's a faster way to fight back!

  • Firing from a seated position!  Carjackings and restaurant firefights – here's how to draw and fire without having to even get to your feet!

  • Realistic “worst-case” gunfighting drills!  The equipment and training plan you need to master the scenarios you're most likely to face in a life-or-death attack!

It takes a true survivor to train for scenarios that will force you to react slower and miss your target.

But better to “fail” now and survive later… than to boost your ego with “simple” shooting practice and suffer the consequences when your skills are needed the most!

What Other “Worst-Case” Shooting Tips Can You Offer?

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