Having been in real survival scenarios where bugging out was the only option – as well as facing the reality of long-term, long-distance military missions – I've faced what works and doesn't work when it comes to forced evacuations scenarios.

Unfortunately, much of the information littering the internet about how to bugout when you're smacked in the grill with a disaster is based on fantasy and regurgitated survival advice that coul literally get you killed in a real crisis.

So I decided to pull back the curtain on the “top 5” biggest bugout mistakes I see all the time to help you become better prepared.

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Here's what awaits you in this week's episode…

  • “Suitcase Syndrome” and how to make that critical “stay or go” decision once and for all.
  • A secret “Plan B” bugout retreat that hardly anyone knows (and a step-by-step method to knowing WHERE is your best option to evac to in a disaster.
  • Move over Batman and Robin! You've got nothing on the “doomsday preppers” out there (or do you?)
  • How 2 survivalists with a solid bugout plan missed the one detail that could have got their family attacked during a real-life evacuation (and a covert way YOU can avoid being targeted the way they were).
  • The #1 mistake in “bugout planning phase” that so many fall prey to… and a free way to fill this gap fast to make sure you're 100% covered in any crisis!

Consider this my own personal “therapy session” as I get these bugout frustrations off my chest… and help you to never make these 5 common mistakes.

What Are Your Personal “Bugout Frustations”?

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