(Replay) Massad Ayoob Hangs Out With The NWPA!

Hanging Out With Massad Ayoob!

Massad_AyoobOur March guest was legendary firearms trainer and writer, Massad Ayoob.

A featured writer in nearly every gun magazine… television celebrity… and a frequent expert witness for national armed-defense legal trials, “Mas” is one of the most sought-after “gurus” in the tactical firearms industry…

…and in March, our NWPA members got to interact LIVE with Mas during our Patriot Roundtable!

We had a great call and Mas caught up with me later to say how sharp our members are and how great their questions were.

Hey, that's how we roll, right?

Missed The Live Call?
Grab The Replay Here…

Here Are Some Of The NWPA Member Questions Mas Answered…

  • Jim from Williamsburg, PA asked about “how to deal with police when you're carrying a concealed weapon”
  • Maggie from Lockhart, TX asked about “choosing the best room in your house for a home defense ‘safe room'”
  • Albert R from Apache Junction, AZ asked about “the best home defense shotgun to choose”
  • Timothy B from Morgantown, WV wanted to know about “how to get my wife to be more safety conscious” (we had fun with this one!)
  • Art R. from Oshkosh, WI asked Mas about a recent legal case where a man shot an intruder in his home… and was arrested over 600 days later for ‘murder'!  (It can happen folks!)
  • Plus… range drillscalling the police after a shooting… and a lot, lot more!