(Replay) We Hung Out With EJ Owens!

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ej_owensEJ Owens is one of my most badass buddies!

Besides his combat military and contractor experience, he's one of the few experts we have that have literally stopped a live robbery with a concealed weapon.

With his depth of experience and tactical training, getting a chance to tap into his knowledge is a rare opportunity…

…and EJ rocked the house when he hung out with our NWPA members LIVE in our Patriot Roundtable!

If you missed the call, here's your chance to grab the replay.

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Here's A Sneak Peek At What We Covered In Our Q&A With EJ…

  • “Pocket guns” vs. carrying a “big boy”
  • The hardest lessons EJ & Jeff learned in combat
  • “Everyday carry” gear for surviving civil unrest
  • Pump or semi-auto for a home defense shotgun?
  • Concealed carry for “full figured” women!
  • Getting over “fear shakes” when shooting
  • Women who hate guns (and the men who want to protect them)
  • Exactly what guns EJ carries (and the surprising “extra mag” trick for Glocks)!
  • And a lot, lot more!