(Replay) Hanging Out With Survival Expert, Kevin Reeve!

We Hung Out LIVE With Kevin Reeve!

Kevin ReeveFeatured on the TV news show, 60-Minutes for his cutting-edge urban survival training, Kevin Reeve is one of the most respected survival experts in our industry.

He’s taught government agencies and the military on everything from tracking to escape & evasion…

…and in July, Kevin got to hang out with us in our Patriot Roundtable!

If you missed the LIVE hangout with Kris…

Here’s How To Access The Recorded Roundtable:

Here’s A Quick Peek At What We Covered…

  • Gloria B. from Visalia, CA asked – “What would you say are the biggest lessons we should learn from the Venezuela collapse in how to prepare for something like that?”

  • Ross M. from North Platte, NE asked – “For a survival weapon, should I have a .22, an air rifle, or something bigger? I always wonder about balancing caliber and knockdown power with stealth if it was some kind of SHTF scenario.”

  • Cpt. Dill from Lebanon, MO asked – “Do you sincerely worry about a large-scale event happening in the U.S. that could cause a change to our way of life? And if so, what do you think is the #1 threat we face in the future that worries you the most?”

  • John R. from Coldwater, AR asked – “We’ve seen lots of visions of looting on the news during events that have happened like in Ferguson, New Orleans during Katrina, and others. I live in the suburbs of a city (about 40 miles west of the heart of Memphis, TN) so I don’t really feel threatened like I would inside of a large urban center. Should I still be prepared for this type of event? Do I have to worry about it ever happening? And if so, what’s the first step I should take to prepare myself?“

  • Pike from Naperville, IL asked – “If you were plopped down in the middle of an urban area during a collapse where there was lots of materials for you to use, what would be the #1 first weapon you would create for yourself. Why… and what materials would you use?”

  • Theodore from Park City, UT asked – “Jeff has said that he learned a lot about caching in your urban survival course. What are some of the items I would put into a cache container for the purposes of escape and evasion?”

  • As well as more tips and casual chit-chat!