(Replay) Expert Q&A With Ox

 An Evening With “Ox”!

A best-selling tactical & preparedness author and instructor, Ox, is what I consider to be a “mad scientist” of firearms training.

His expertise in developing unique and super-effective gun-training programs is hard to beat and he's a “walk the talk” prepper with a vast landscape of knowledge…

…and Ox got to hang with our NWPA members in our Patriot Roundtable Q&A!

Hopefully you were able to get your question in and chat with this month's featured expert, but just in case, here's your replay…

Missed The LIVE Q&A? Grab The Replay Here:

Here's A Sneak Peek At The Questions We Covered:

  • Phil – “Ox, you have this amazing video where you put seven rounds in one hole with your Glock in just seconds. I know there's probably no short answer to this, but can you describe briefly what the secret to that kind of fast accuracy is? Thanks.”
  • Brian – “I'm considering building a safe room but I'm not sure which room to build it into. Can you help me choose? What's the best room for a safe room in the typical suburban home?”
  • Mack – “Can you describe a carbine drill for home defense that I can practice at home, with and without a partner?”
  • Mary – “I'm a woman and I'm considering one of those bra holsters for concealed carry. Do you recommend them?”
  • Martin – “I've tried everything for concealed carry, but the stuff that is comfortable isn't easy to access, and the stuff that is easy to access isn't comfortable (or is too easy to see). What do you recommend for comfortable concealed carry?”
  • Skeptic – “With dry fire there's no recoil and there's no noise. Why would I then think I can really teach myself anything with dry fire? I might as well be playing with toy guns, right?”
  • Paul – “Will dry fire damage my gun? I grew up in the old days where the gun shop guy would yell, “Don't snap the guns!” whenever somebody dropped a hammer on an empty chamber. Do I need snap caps or whatever?”