Modern Ninja Training

We've all heard the legend of the ancient ninja – dark “shadow warriors” who served as agents, guardians, and mercenaries.

Masters of the combative “arts” of infiltration, espionage, guerrilla warfare, and even assassination, the ninja possessed advanced fighting secrets that made them feared by their enemies.

Seen by some today as nothing more than a great opportunity for a Halloween costume, the way of the Ninja is alive and well… and their secrets live on.

In this episode (straight from the old ISCQC archives), modern Ninjutsu trainer, Brian Stein, reveals how anyone can use modern versions of the Ninjas' teachings for everything from a fist fight at a bar… to surviving during a societal collapse.

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Here's what you'll discover in this episode…

  • How to deliver massive power into ANY strike you throw (and no matter how big your attacker is!)
  • “Ninja gun training”? Yes, you can apply these tactics to your own firearms training to become a better protector!
  • Ancient weapons… with a modern twist!
  • Ninja secrets of invisibility! It's not as hard as you think… and this interview was the basis for our own “tactical survival gear” design!
  • A sneaky way to blind your attacker… using a combination of two easy-to-find items you can legally carry on your person!

Don't make the mistake of dismissing the combative arts of the Ninja as “old school” martial arts with no street (or battlefield) application.

These tactics are guaranteed to take your self-protection program to a whole new level.

 What Other Ninja Tactics & Weapons Do You Think Have A Modern Application To Surviving A Real Attack?

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