multiple attacker self defense

Facing off against a gang of 2, 3, or more street thugs who have targeted you and your family for a violent ambush is perhaps the most feared self-defense scenario you could ever face.

Most people turn to “victim mode” and beg for mercy as they're lying on the ground getting stomped to death.

Survival is up to YOU… and this week, legendary combatives expert Lee Morrison shares his proven methods for turning the tables on your attackers… and making THEM fear you!

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Here's what you have waiting for you in this week's broadcast…

  • How to instantly switch on your “killer instinct” and program yourself to attack… rather than become a bleeding victim.
  • The simple secret to creating a weak link in your attackers' brain that either forces them to back off… or opens them up for your vicious “next move”.
  • FINALLY: Answering the question of “who should I strike first?!”
  • “Dirty fighting!” and why most martial arts moves will fail you in a real mass attack ambush!
  • How to “control the space” when you're being rushed from all sides so that you can literally use your attackers against one another!

All this and more in this action-packed onslaught of street fighting secrets!

What Other Multiple Attacker Self Defense Tips Do You Have?

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