The early American Indians didn't have long range sniper rifles to bring home a meal from their hunting trips.

With clubs, spears, and bows, they needed to get ultra close in order to get in a kill strike.

But animals have incredible hearing that you would think would make it near IMPOSSIBLE, wouldn't you?

So how did they stalk their prey with such invisible silence?

Their secret will serve  you well whether you're trying to get close to game for survival food… slither silently to a supply cache to raid… or sneak up on an enemy sentry lookout for silent “removal”, so…

Add This Native American Stealth Secret To Your Urban Survival Skills…

Native American Survival Skills

Bottom line, to remain silent, the key is in HOW you step as you're advancing to your “target”.

While most people are programmed to walk heel-to-toe, this is actually the OPPOSITE way to walk when your intention is to remain undetected.

Do this instead…

1. Check Your Hardware First

Get rid of any noisy equipment or clothing on your person.

This is why us soldiers have rubber silencers on our dog tags, but there are other ways you're most likely making sounds that could give away your position without you realizing it.

For example, when everything around you is silent, that clanging of your sling against your rifle will sound like tin cans behind a wedding limo… your baggy pants sliding together will sound like a toddler in a snowsuit… and that faint squeak in your right boot's sole will sound like a rusty door hinge.

2. Stay Low

As you move, bend at the knees, keeping your center of gravity as low as is comfortably possible, but keep your upper body erect.

If you hunch forward (like most people naturally do), you'll commit too much of your body weight to your forward foot.

3. Balance With Your Hands

Place your hands. palms facing down, at waist height with your arms bent and spread wide to keep your balance.

If it's dark, this can help you slide your way past obstacles that would normally make a surprise noise (like tree branches).

This also positions you “at the ready” for your quick kill movement or fast defense if you're ambushed unexpectedly.

4. Lead With Your Toes

Step forward only about 3 feet at a time and place your TOES of your lead foot softly on the ground in front of you while you rest the majority of your body's weight on your rear foot (like a common “front snap kick” posture).

This allows you to “feel the noise quality” of the surface you're about to step on because your toes are much more sensitive than your heel.

This also allows you to move or step around any twigs or other noisy obstacles if needed or, if you start to hear it will be too noisy, it's easier to stop yourself and adjust your body weight back to stop your forward movement and find an alternative stepping surface.

5. Finish With Your Heel

Once your toes are sure of a solid, quiet surface, it's ok to place your heel softly on the ground by rolling it slowly down along the outside edge of your foot.

Once you're in range to “attack”, lean forward again on your toes to provide a springing base to launch an explosive assault.

How To Practice This Urban Survival Stealth Skill…

Practice this movement with a friend in different environments (outside on pavement, in the woods, in your own house…) and have them turn with their back to you and their eyes closed to “grade” your stealth skills.

It's ok to be heard (after all, he's EXPECTING you to sneak up on him, right?), but have him give you feedback on WHAT he heard so you can become more aware of areas you need to work on to be more silent.

Being able to move undetected during a collapse is one of the critical urban survival skills every serious survivalist should practice.

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What Other “Stealth Secrets” Have You Learned From Training And Hunting?

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