Richard Childress Home Invasion Story
9 Real-Life Lessons From A Home Invasion Attack!

“They came to do some bad things to my wife and me.”

Those were the direct words of a VP of the NRA after he and his wife were attacked by 3 masked, well-armed home invaders.

Their plan?

Take Richard and his wife hostage… demand their valuables… and God only knows what else!

Fortunately, Childress had a firearm… and he knew how to USE it to save his and his wife's lives.

Or DID he know how to “use” it?

Their gripping tale – and 9 lessons you should learn from it – are the topic of this week's podcast episode…

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Here's What You'll Discover In This Week's Episode:

  • The step-by-step home defense tactics Childress used to repel 3 violent home-invaders armed with rifles and a shotgun!
  • Evaluating your current security measures… and the one piece of inexpensive equipment that can give you peace of mind even AFTER a violent attack!
  • My “Spandex Doctrine” warning for defending your castle!
  • The very 1st mistake Childress made in his response – and then the 2nd… then the 3rd… then why he and his wife were damn lucky to survive!
  • The best weapon for home defense… sat untouched by Childresses' door!  (I'll tell you what it is… WHY it should have been his second grab… and exactly what his FIRST grab should have been!)

It's always better to learn from other peoples' mistakes. And this horrifying home invasion story has LOTS to offer every gun-owner!

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